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2017 Loom Knitter’s Journal – Updated

2017 Loom Knitter’s Journal – Updated

Updated 2017 Loom Knitter’s Journal

Two years ago, Sheri Goad from published a crochet journal for The Crochet Crowd.  Kristen and Carol jumped right in to work on a Loom Knitter’s version for GoodKnit Kisses and it was wildly successful.  Since the calendars were out of date Kathy Bouras graciously volunteered to update them for 2017.  (Thanks, Kathy!!!)  We’re happy to bring the updated 2017 Loom Knitter’s Journal.

Take look at everything the Loom Knitter’s Journal has to offer:

  • Abbreviations – Translate those pattern abbreviations into plain English
  • Terminology – Index of basic loom knitting terms and their explanations
  • Calendar with Project Notes – Monthly project calendar that includes a special Notes section for each project
  • Yarn Cards  – These handy labels will help you keep track of your yarn stash
  • Work in Progress Cards – Keep a card with each project to help you remember your project details

2017 Loom Knitter's Journal


Joann Gay
Hi everyone! I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom who became hooked on loom knitting a few years ago. I enjoy converting needle knit patterns to the loom and designing my own unique creations. I'm happy to be a member of the GoodKnit Kisses team by using my database management and coding skills behind the scenes.


  1. Rebecca 10 months ago

    Do you do any videos on how to solve problems ??? I have a prob with crochet cast on ??

  2. Cheryll 1 year ago

    Thanks for all your work! It’s beautiful.

  3. Leah Workman 1 year ago

    Wow now that is something i need.

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