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Knit 1 Through Back Loop k1tbl or k1 tbl

Knit 1 Through Back Loop k1tbl or k1 tbl

Knit 1 through back loop

Knit 1 Through Back Loop k1tbl or k1 tbl

Using straight or circular needles (or DPN) learn how to Knit 1 Through Back Loop (k1tbl or k1 tb needles). This will make a “y” looking stitch instead of a flatter “v”.

The knitting is twisted and stretchier; it is also called the Twisted knit Stitch, also a stockinette stitch that will roll naturally.


Use Knit 1 Through Back Loop when called out in a pattern or use to help a non-stretchy yarn get a bit of stretch by building this into your knitting.

To make this stitch see the following video or click HERE

SLOWER video for cast-on

SLOWER video for Purl

For loom knitting this Knit 1 Through Back Loop is called the e-wrap stitch. cast-on e-wrap

 Knit 1 Through Back Loop


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