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Loom Knit Stitches and Stitch Patterns

Loom Knit Stitches and Stitch Patterns

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Loom Knit Stitches

Loom knit stitches are the same as needle knit stitches but we have to work them differently on the loom to get the right result.  Below you will find loom knit stitches and loom knit stitch patterns with links to a video or article on how a stitch or stitch pattern is made.  Please keep in mind there are times that a needle stitch or stitch pattern calls out one name (of multiple names) and the loom name may not be the same.  Also there can be more than one name for the same stitch.  We have tried to reference multiple names for these stitches.  This is not meant to cause confusion but to help if you find a pattern and you are not familiar with the stitch.  Just visit our site to search for that stitch name and see if we have referenced it.  If you would like to contribute to knitting up samples and working through stitch patterns for our resources library please click the contact page or up top.

We hope to continue to add to this library and welcome guest articles from experienced loom knitters who would like to collectively short and keep expanding our horizons!


Loom Knit Stitches

Loom Knit: Easy Bobble or Popcorn Stitch.
Loom Knit: P2tog or Purl 2 Together and YO or Yarn Over.
Loom Knit Stitch: Double Knit 8 or EW or Twisted Knit.
How to Loom Knit: Knit (k) Stitch.
How to Loom Knit: Beginner E wrap (ew) Stitch now with CC.
How to Loom Knit: Purl (p) Stitch.
Loom Knitting Single Rib Stitch.
Loom Knitting Twisted Knit Stitch.
Loom Knitting: Stitches side by side, Rib Stitches & Twisted Knit Stitch.


Loom Knit Stitch Patterns

Loom Knitting: Decrease Figure 8 Stitch.
Loom Knitting: Increase Figure 8 Stitch.
Loom Knitting: Figure 8, Fishnet or Diamond Lace Stitch.
Loom Knit Hat Brim that doesn’t roll Garter Stitch.
Loom Knit: Seed Stitch.
Loom Knit: Moss Stitch.
Loom Knit Stitches: Crossed Stockinette (ew & k).
Loom Knit Stitch Patterns: Garter (k & p).
How to Loom Knit Triple Knit Stitch.

loom knit stitches


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