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Slinky Slouchy Hat |Loom

Slinky Slouchy Hat |Loom
Aruba Sea Slinky Slouchy Hat

Slinky Slouchy! …Slouchy hats are all the rage – why not a super cute Slinky Slouchy for that special little one?!


Aruba Sea Slinky Slouchy Hat

Designer: Jeanie Perez


Inspiration:  After looking at so many different styles of hats on GoodKnit Kisses and on Facebook I wanted to create a fun stylish pattern of my own. The Aruba Sea Slinky Slouchy Hat is certainly all that. The blue green color has you dreaming of the beautiful Caribbean Sea; while the slouchy folds creates the image of a fun slinky.



Loom with 44 pegs ½” gauge.   CinDwood Crafts round loom 44 pegs 1/2 gauge was used in the sample.



Loom tool


Needle to weave in ends



Medium worsted weight acrylic yarn.  Red Heart Super Saver – Aruba Sea approximately (182 yards) half of skein was used in the sample.



One strand of yarn is used throughout the project

Knit in the round

Knit = Flat knit stitch

E-wrap and knit over = E-wrap used in slinky sections or the FOLD (the e-wrap twists the stitches and the sections in between are flat knit for a smooth look)



E-wrap cast on


Rows 1 – 6: e-wrap & knit over.  Place cast on row back on pegs & knit over.


Body of Hat:

Note: After each set of e-wrap you will create the fold by following these instructions:

Create FOLD: Starting at the cast on peg lift the 7th strand of yarn from the inside of the hat and place back on peg; continue to do this, in that round/row, until all pegs have 2 loops yarn over bottom loop. Work these two loops as one when knitting off next row.


Rows 7 – 15: Knit all pegs.


Row 16 – 22: e-wrap & knit over all pegs.  Create FOLD.


Row 23 – 28: Knit all pegs


Rows 29 – 34: e-wrap & knit over all pegs.  Create FOLD.


Rows: 35 – 40: Knit all pegs


Rows 41 – 46: e-wrap & knit over all pegs.  Create FOLD.


Rows 47 – 53: Knit all pegs


Rows 54 -57: e-wrap & knit over all pegs.  Create FOLD.


Rows 58 – 65: Knit all pegs.


Rows 66 – 69: e-wrap & knit over all pegs.  Create FOLD.


Rows 70 – 75: Knit all pegs.


Rows 76 – 79: e-wrap & knit over all pegs.  Create FOLD.


Rows 80 – 89: Knit all pegs.


Rows 90 – 93: e-wrap & knit over all pegs.  Create FOLD.


Rows 94 – 99: Knit all pegs.


Rows 100 – 103: e-wrap & knit over all pegs.  Create FOLD.


Rows 104 – 113: Knit all pegs.


Rows: 114 – 117: e-wrap & knit over all pegs.  Create fold.


Rows 118 – 127: Knit all pegs.



Bind off using Modified Gathered Bind Off

Aruba Sea Slinky Slouchy Hat


Weave in ends.



About Jeanie Perez

 Jeanie Perez profile pic

Jeanie is a housewife/homemaker from Carson California.  Jeanie started loom knitting August 2014 as a hobby and soon fell in love with the craft.  She taught herself how to loom knit by watching YouTube videos.  Yes, like many others she quickly became addicted.  After only a few short months, she started branching out by creating her own patterns.  Jeanie likes to create hats, scarves and blankets for her children and grand children.  She also likes to donate her creations to a battered women’s shelter and other charitable organizations.

Editors note: I hope you enjoy your  Aruba Sea Slinky Slouchy Hat  I can’t test and video all patterns but hope you enjoy seeing new designs and designers.  Please comment or leave a heart!  -Kristen Mangus   (A special thank you to our editor Carol Lilydot!!)

Carol Blakeley
I'm a mother of 2 adult children and 3 grandchildren. I retired early to become my hubby's primary caregiver. I spent 38 years in the Banking industry and held various management positions. I loom knit, crochet, make jewelry & do other crafts. I am extremely proud to be a part of the GoodKnit Kisses Team!

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