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Fingerless Mittens |Loom

Fingerless Mittens |Loom

Fingerless Mittens are so nice to type or text while still keeping your hands warm. Jennifer’s pattern added lots of all-over texture to “Jared’s Fingerless Mittens” by using the Moss stitch.  While they were made for a boy I’m pretty sure by adding a flower, bow or ribbon at the cuff any little girl would be happy to have them! -GKK Team

Jared’s Fingerless Mittens

Designer: Jennifer Overbey

My eight-year-old asked for fingerless mittens to go with his loom knit hat. So I whipped some up in a moss stitch with a little ribbing at the wrist. He’s thrilled and asked for a scarf next.


Knitting Loom: A small loom with at least 24 pegs. Boye round loom with 24 pegs was used in sample. (5/8″ center peg to center peg measurement)


Red Heart Super Saver Orange yarn was used in sample.  Amount used unknown; less than 1 ball


Tapestry Needle, Knitting tool, Small rubber bands or stitch markers.


14 stitches and 26 rows on 4 x 4 inches swatch


Before starting, place 6 rubberbands on pairs of pegs. Mark 1&2, 5&6, 9&10, 13&14, 17&18, 21&22. (see photo-note Jennifer is knitting in a clockwise direction to the left of the start peg)

Rubberband marker placement

Rubberband marker placement

Cast on: 

Use the double ewrap cast on; starting from a slip stitch on peg 1

The cuff:

Rows 1 – 4:  e-wrap pegs 1 & 2, knit them off, purl 3 & 4; repeat around the loom

The body of the mitten:

*Rows 1 & 2:  purl two, knit two

Rows 3 & 4:  knit two, purl two*

Repeat * until you have 24 rows or length needed to thumb hole.

Stitch view of mitten body

Stitch view of mitten body

Make a thumb hole:

Row 1: Purl two, knit two, purl two; wrap peg 7 twice and knit bottom loop over 2 loops, wrap peg 8 twice and knit 1 over 2 as peg 7; purl two, knit two and repeat.

Row 2: Move the loops of the wrapped twice pegs to their outward neighboring pegs, from 7 to 6 and from 8 to 9 (see photo “View of thumb space”).

Purl two, knit two, purl one (purling the two loops of peg 6 at the same time over the new yarn). E-wrap the empty pegs (don’t knit them). Purl the two loops of peg 9 at the same time over the new yarn, purl peg 10. Knit two, purl two and repeat across the row.

View of thumb space

View of thumb space

Mitten Hand:

*Rows 1 & 2: knit two, purl two

Rows 3 & 4:  purl two, knit two *

Repeat * until you have 10 rows (or measurement length desired to knuckles)

Bind off :

Knit pegs 1 & 2, then move the loop from peg 2 to peg 1, knit both together and move the loop from 1 to 2. Knit peg 3, move the loop from 3 to 2, knit both together and move the loop from 2 to 3. Etc. Cut the yarn, tie a knot, weave/hide the tail using your tapestry needle.

I also bound off the wrist, by putting the beginning loops back on the round loom, and binding off the same way as I bound off the hand.

I blocked each mitten and let them dry for a day.

Jared with his new hat & fingerless mittens

Jared with his new hat & fingerless mittens


Editors note: I hope you enjoy making Jared’s Fingerless Mittens!    I can’t test and video all patterns but hope you enjoy seeing new designs and designers.  Please comment or leave a heart!  -Kristen Mangus   (A special thank you to our editor Carol Lilydot!!)

Jennifer Overbey
Jennifer Overbey is a 40-year-old mother of three, who likes playing with fabric and yarn. Her boys know more shades of colors than you’d suspect and like to make scarves on her round looms, too. Her daughter makes mini-scarves for all her stuffed animals.

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