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GKK Website Updates

GKK Website Updates

GKK Website Updates

It’s springtime and that means spring cleaning!   My yarn stash will just have to wait because my current WIP is GKK website updates.  I’ve been working closely with Kristen to make some much-needed improvements.  We want to make the GoodKnit Kisses website one of your favorite resources for loom knitting, knitting and crochet. We are working on fully integrating it with the GoodKnit Kisses YouTube channel and Facebook page.

One of the biggest projects has been improving the speed and performance of the site.  We want you to find what you need quickly so you have more time to play with your yarn.   We’ve seen great improvements, but I’m not satisfied yet.   I’ll keep looking for ways to speed up page loads.

The Resource section has also been reorganized to help you find exactly what you need.  In the coming months we will be adding more resource content so keep an eye out for updates.  Is there something you think we need to include?  Comment below and we’ll see what we can do.

The Video Gallery now links directly to the GoodKnit Kisses YouTube channel.  New videos are added automatically so you always have the most current videos at your fingertips.

Kristen’s goal is to keep making the videos and tutorials that we all love.  My goal is to make those resources more easily available to all of you!

Join Kristen for a guided tour of the updates by watching her Facebook Live video!

Joann Gay
Hi everyone! I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom who became hooked on loom knitting a few years ago. I enjoy converting needle knit patterns to the loom and designing my own unique creations. I'm happy to be a member of the GoodKnit Kisses team by using my database management and coding skills behind the scenes.

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