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Let’s Talk Loom Knitting

Let’s Talk Loom Knitting
Kristen Mangus crafting through depression

Let’s Talk Loom Knitting

With Kristen Mangus of GoodKnit Kisses

Let’s Talk Loom Knitting is the first in the Loom Knitting series filmed live on Facebook with Kristen Mangus at GoodKnit Kisses. Kristen interacts with the audience by responding to their questions and providing links to reference material.

Kristen provides some general information about different looms, available loom knitting books, samples of loomed items. She also shares information that is available in her book Loom Knitting Guide & Patterns.

It was fun to interact with people and they felt like it was their own personal class with me.  I encourage you to join us next time! The live chat allows you to ask questions and get immediate responses.

You will also learn how to how to prevent curling, knit stitch & purl stitch. In addition she discusses two different combination stitches 3 knits & 1 purl or 3 purls & 1 knit and how to do them in the round or flat loom knitting

The following is a full 33 minute lesson in a video tutorial by Kristen Mangus at GoodKnit Kisses. Live comments and interaction can be seen and heard as well. Be sure to catch the live chats and demonstrations on Tuesdays at


Please note below the video are time stamps to fast-forward to the section you need to watch.  Feel free to bookmark this page to come back for reference or catch us at for more loom knitting tutorials and more!



Carol Blakeley
I'm a mother of 2 adult children and 3 grandchildren. I retired early to become my hubby's primary caregiver. I spent 38 years in the Banking industry and held various management positions. I loom knit, crochet, make jewelry & do other crafts. I am extremely proud to be a part of the GoodKnit Kisses Team!


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