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Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants

Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants

Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants, so stinkin’ fun! Check out this monster pants pattern for your cute little monster.  Perfect size for when they are sitting up & starting to rock and crawl. Pattern by Jeanne Knuth fits 9-12 months. -Kristen Mangus

Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants

Designed by: Jeanne Knuth

After seeing Monster Pants on the Baby Gaga Facebook page; my niece asked me to make loom knit baby Monster Pants for her almost 10 month old daughter on the loom.

My inspiration came from The Wandering Lady‘s needle knit Grumpybum Monster Longies.    This pattern is uniquely designed for the loom and I hope you enjoy it.



Knitting loom:

31 peg round loom was used in the sample. (a Knifty Knitter type or use a small long loom with clips)



Worsted weight yarn (#4):   Red Heart::  purple, turquoise, red and hot pink

Caron Simply Soft Party: Royal Blue Sparkle & White Sparkle



Yarn, needle, knitting tool, scissors, crochet hook H, stitch markers or extra yarn to mark pegs



10 stitches across & 13 rows = 4″ x 4”



“ = inches

EW = e-wrap knit

P = purl


Pattern notes:

Pattern is made to fit a 9 month old baby with specified loom. Use larger loom with more pegs for larger size.  Make a swatch and check gauge for changing size or loom gauge.

All stitches are e-wrap knit with 2 strands of yarn.  The inseam of the pants is joined using single crochet.

For all color changes: Add new color yarn with a secure knot, e-wrap the new color twice around the loom; yarn over the previous color then yarn over the next color




Belt in the pants (make first):

Make an i-cord in hot pink, done with 2 pegs, 35” long.



Cast On: e-wrap cast on 31 pegs in the round.

Rows 1 – 14: EW; with purple yarn

Next place the i-cord around the inner circle (behind the pegs and just under the bottom of the loom) and bring it through the knitted stitches on opposite end of anchor peg, in the middle, 1.25” apart.

Place stitches from row 1 back on loom like you would a hat brim & knit over. (Making sure to trap the i-cord inside the hem/brim as you go). (figure 1)


Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants

Figure 1: i-cord placement (note the knitting is just before inseam)


Rows 15-31: EW


Row 32: Change color to turquoise. EW new color twice around loom then yarn over purple, then yarn over turquoise.


Row 33-34: EW & knit over 2 rows of turquoise. Mark pegs 8 & 24 from anchor peg with a different color of yarn at the base (figure 2)

Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants

Figure 2: Mark pegs 8 & 24  (note the knitting is just before inseam)



Row 35: Change color to red; double EW red around pegs 24-8, then yarn over with turquoise and cut when starting with a new color.

Row 36 – 42: EW pegs 24-8 to make Mouth

Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants

Figure 3: Mouth knit pegs 24-8 (note the knitting is just before inseam)


 Row 35 – on the other side: change color to purple; place purple yarn on peg 9 EW to peg 23; knit over

Row 36 – 42: EW purple yarn on pegs 9 -23


Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants

Knit pegs 9-23 with purple yarn. Opposite side of mouth


Notes before you begin:

Divide loom in half to do the 2 legs

Pegs 1-15 are one leg & 17-31 are the other, mark the pegs with the extra yarn.  Move yarn from peg 16 onto peg 15 this peg will no longer be worked.

Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants

Divide loom in half

Each leg will be worked separately.

Legs are knit as flat panel.

Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants

Knit legs separately

Row 1: Change to turquoise; EW loom 2x on each leg separately skipping peg 16 and yarn over red yarn; next yarn over the turquoise

Rows 2-3: Knit turquoise complete this for each leg & cut the yarn

(Pants should measure 9” now.  The holes on the side will be sewn later).

Rows: 4 – 9: Start purple tying to turquoise. EW Knit pegs 1-15 then switch to pegs 17-31

(EW until each leg is 9” inseam and 17” from top of pant.)

Row 9: Cut purple tie knot with turquoise, EW twice, yarn over purple, and then yarn over turquoise

Rows 10-11: EW knit with turquoise

Row 11: Cut turquoise & tie knot with pink; EW pink two times then yarn over turquoise

Row 12 – 15: EW knit with pink, cut pink 6″ & tie knot with turquoise

Row 16: EW 2 rows of turquoise then yarn over pink

Rows 17–18: EW knit 2 rows of turquoise then cut turquoise and tie knot with purple and then yarn over turquoise

Row 19 – 22: Cut yarn & tie on purple. EW knit 2 rows of purple & yarn over

Row 23 – 24: EW knit with turquoise. Then cut turquoise, knit over pink

Rows: 25 -27: EW knit with pink.  Then cut & tie on turquoise. EW 2 rows of purple & knit over turquoise

Rows 28 – 30: EW knit with turquoise yarn. Then cut & tie on purple EW 2 rows of purple & knit over the turquoise.

(pant measures 9” now from crotch)


Rows 1 – 4: EW 1; P 1; repeat across.  Do the same on the other leg.

Bind Off:

Use the stretchy or loose bind off.

Eye balls:

Make 2

Use the same loom, with 2 strands of yarn with Red Heart whites and Caron Simply

Soft Sparkly White.

Rows 1-5: EW knit 4 pegs.

Bind Off:

Move yarn from 3 to 4, knit over, move 2 to 3 knit over, move 3 to 2 knit over, move 1 to 2 knit over, cut & pull thread from anchor peg, leaving a 6” tail.  Sew on pants.

Blue iris of eye:

Make 2

Use Shiny Royal Blue Caron Simply Soft & Red Heart Royal Blue

Rows 1-4: EW 3 pegs.  Bind off as you did for the white eye.  Sew on top of white eye ball.



Use 2 strands of Red Heart Hot Pink.

Rows 1-4: EW knit 3 pegs. Bind off as you did for the eye. Sew on back of pant below eyes.


Single crochet   a ½” around inside of the leg on both side of pants. (To make the pant leg wider you could crochet more rows; if needed)

Sew leg flat panels together with purple yarn.

Stitch together the 1” that’s open at each side between the red mouth back and purple front. Sew a couple stitches to the i-cord at the inside back of the pant so it doesn’t come out. Triple tie like colors on the inside of pant and snip.

You can turn the purple cuff up or extend.

YOU ARE DONE!  Enjoy your lil MONSTER!


Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants

Front of pants

Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants

Back of pants

Following is simpler instructions more experienced loom knitters

14 rows purple make brim

17 rows purple

2 rows turquoise (after double wrap color change with each change below.)

6 rows red in back, 6 rows purple in front

Divide legs

2 rows turquoise

6 rows purple

2 rows turquoise

4 rows pink

2 rows turquoise

4 rows purple

2 rows turquoise

4 rows purple E/P

2 rows pink

Stretchy bind off


About Jeanne Knuth

Jeanne Knuth

Jeanne Knuth is a loom knitter and has enjoyed knitting for family & friends.

She is now a Stay at Home “Gaga” after a working half her life as a Nurse 🙂

Editor’s notes: We hope you enjoy making the Loom Knit Baby Monster Pants.  Please note that Kristen has not tested the pattern.   (A special thank you to our editor Carol Lilydot!!)

Carol Blakeley
I'm a mother of 2 adult children and 3 grandchildren. I retired early to become my hubby's primary caregiver. I spent 38 years in the Banking industry and held various management positions. I loom knit, crochet, make jewelry & do other crafts. I am extremely proud to be a part of the GoodKnit Kisses Team!

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  1. Donna 1 year ago

    I know it’s lots to ask. Maybe you could do a tutorial on you tube . Would you happen to have a pattern for a simple poncho. Thank- you

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