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Loom Knit Owl – free pattern

Loom Knit Owl – free pattern
Loom Knit Owl

Loom Knit Owl

Meet Stephanie May, of our GoodKnitKisses Loom Knit and Craft Club members. She has made this super cute owl pattern for knitting looms.  This  loom knit owl is flexible to add your own flair and character, even make it tiny! Try out this cute pattern for yourself. Voted a favorite in our Favorite Friday Pattern at the Loom Knit Club. Please comment, like and share to give Stephanie some love.  P.S. It makes a great gift! Happy Looming! -Kristen


Loom Knit Owl

pattern by Stephanie May

This is a great little project to use up some of those yarn scraps you’ve accumulated. Depending on size, it can be done in less than an hour.


Yarn- 2 colours. I’ve used a variety of yarns with great success from worsted weight, boulce, and novelty types like boa and eyelash. Be creative and have fun with your choices.
Large gauge loom- (see chart below)
Loom tool
Yarn needle
Felt, buttons, etc for face, plus matching thread
Sewing needle
Polyester fiberfill

Loom size will determine the number of rows you knit. I’ve found that the number of pegs divided by 3 is a good way to know how many rows. In some cases, you may want to round up or down, just to make it easier.


24 peg loom- 8 rows colour A, 16 rows colour B (24 rows total)
28 pegs (MS loom, 2 half circle peices with large pegs every other hole)- 9 rows colour A, 18 rows colour B (27 rows total)
31 peg loom- 10 rows colour A, 20 rows colour B (30 rows total)
36 peg loom- 12 rows colour A, 24 rows cololur B (36 rows total)
*any large gauge loom should work using this method as a guide

Directions for your loom knit owl:

With colour A and holding 2 strands as 1, cast on all pegs. (Any cast on works, so use whatever you are most comfortable with.)
Knit in the round for * number of rows, determined by your loom size.
Cut A and join B
Knit B in the round for *rows
Drawstring bind off and secure ends.
Stuff with fiberfill, creating a flat pillow shape.
Thread yarn needle with colour A and sew the top closed. The ears will be created on their own when you do this. You can manipulate the shape as needed.
Trim and secure loose ends.
Sew on face.

P.S. Try a loom knit owl keychain with a 12 peg loom! Be sure to comment on the loom and pegs you used to help others.  We want to hear from YOU! 🙂

Loom Knit Owl

Loom Knit Owl keychain



I've been loom knitting for more than 10 years but have only recently begun playing around with designing my own patterns, many of which are based solely on personal need and a lot of trial and error.

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