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A Loom Knitters Journal

A Loom Knitters Journal
A Loom Knitters Journal

A Loom Knitters Journal

About a week ago Sheri Goad from launched an amazing journal called The Hooker’s Journal for The Crochet Crowd.

Immediately Kristen & Carol thought what an awesome tool this would be for loom knitters and call it A Loom Knitters Journal.

With Sheri’s consent we all worked to put together our very own “A Loom Knitters Journal”

To download your free copy visit Sheri’s blog:

Take look at everything the Loom Knitter’s Journal has to offer:

A Loom Knitter’s Journal

A Loom Knitters Journal


Carol Blakeley
I'm a mother of 2 adult children and 3 grandchildren. I retired early to become my hubby's primary caregiver. I spent 38 years in the Banking industry and held various management positions. I loom knit, crochet, make jewelry & do other crafts. I am extremely proud to be a part of the GoodKnit Kisses Team!


  1. Chris Lopez 1 year ago

    This is awesome! Can’t wait for the knitting and crochet versions.

  2. Linda 3 years ago

    Very nice. In the abbreviations section after between it say care washing cleaning should this have had its own abbreviation?

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 3 years ago

      Not necessarily. Usually it is all written out but we wanted to include that it could be mentioned in a pattern. Thank you so much for your compliment!

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