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  1. Barbara Tuscan 2 months ago

    Please unsubscribe me

  2. Sheryl Daniel 6 months ago

    I wish to unsubscribe from my email I am having problems with that site. I have a NEW EMAIL: Thank you very much.

    • Joann Gay
      Joann Gay 6 months ago

      Hi Sheryl. It looks like your old email has already been unsubscribed and the new one added. You’re all set!

  3. Mariza Favela 7 months ago

    Hi Kristen! I love your knitting projects! Especially knitting on looms! I love to knit on all kinds of looms. I am physically handicapped and my hand coordination is not that good but I have managed to do some scarves, hats and shawls. Your videos have been very inspirational for me. Thank you so much for inspiring me to knit. Congratulations in all you do.

  4. Gayle Nering 8 months ago

    I loved watching your video today. You come across as a warm, caring, fun person. And what a nice group. I just bought Caron tea cake in sweet berries. I’m knitting a kids hat for me!

  5. paula Monzani 10 months ago

    I got a friend to make me loom holders for me as I use one hand. I am having difficulty downloading your patterns can you help I suffer from cerebral palsy and use an electric chalir

  6. Leah 1 year ago

    I love the videos. Keep them coming..

  7. Karen Tech 1 year ago

    Hi Kristen can you do the marshmallow blanket on a knitting loom, ? I went to the store and it showed the blanket, also the cute hats. Are both patterns sold together? One more thing, I was trying to do a thumbs up and hit the other one by mistake, I am sorry. Karen Tech.

  8. Lori 1 year ago

    Thank you for all do for loom knitters.

  9. charlotte victor 1 year ago

    I got lucky and found you while looking on You tube for loom knitting. I’m just learning about loom knitting, didn’t know you could decrease, do knit and pearl. Thank you so much for your site, I have signed up for emails and I will be looking forward to reviewing your site for additional information.
    Charlotte Victor

  10. Jackie 1 year ago

    I am new to loom knitting. Looking forward to learning and excited to try new ideas.

  11. Elayne Bernstein 1 year ago

    I have been knitting and crocheting since I was about 7 years old. I am now 78. I just discovered looms at my knitting group and I just made an acrylic scrubby for my shower. I love the loom. I only bought one. But now want to try different ones. Your videos are fantastic. I am going to make more scrubbies for gifts along with my knitted washcloths.

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 1 year ago

      Thank you so much. I’m so glad you found and love the loom! Thank you for visiting my page and your sweet encouragement.

  12. Maria Toledo 1 year ago

    I’m a beginner at both knitting and crocheting and I have question. I finished my first throw but it itches, my question is, is it that the yarn I used is 100% Acrylic or do I have to do something else other then wash it to make it soft?

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 1 year ago

      Some yarns have something in them for when the yarn is being manufacturing. This will soften and wash out usually. Try a light moisturizer on your hands before working with it to help. If it doesn’t you may have an allergy to it. Some people use a crochet or antifatigue glove, usually found in the tool section (with the needles and hook) of your yarn or craft store.

  13. Beverly 1 year ago

    just saw loom knit mesh bag video, must try. looks a little difficult, but got a bit of patience so I go for it.

  14. Hope McLincha 3 years ago

    Kristen you seem so talented in so many areas.

  15. Susan 3 years ago

    The is the best site I have come across and I have been look for a while now.
    I could never get the hang of knitting, my stitches were to tight I am left handed so no one in my family could help me.

    Then I saw this loom knitting and I thought it was just another craft that I would lose interested in, but I am hooked I made my first hat and now working on

    I love the tutorials they are easer to follow.
    So thanks again and I will be watching this sit from now on.

  16. Lois Tschaepe 3 years ago

    Getting my first knitting board today. I’m quite excited about learning this craft!

  17. Steve Shaw 4 years ago

    Hi Goodknotkisses,

    I look forward to exploring all the variations of loom knitting. I am especially keen on exploring taper casting off over many rows and reducing peg numbers so I can produce a round top beanie.



  18. Jackie 4 years ago

    You are so wonderful. I’m teaching myself to loom knit. And so many people think it’s just something you do at girl scout camp . But its a really great thing to do. I love it.

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      I’m so glad to hear that Jackie and wish you the best. You will not regret it! 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment 🙂

  19. Brenda Jackson 4 years ago

    I am so excited with the new things that are happening with Good Knit Kisses…It it just wonderful Kristen…I am thrilled for you. And all of us you have such a great resource. And I am really looking forward to the new looming book to. You are Rocking !! it girl keep up the great work…

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      Thank you Brenda, I’m quite excited myself! Thank you so much for commenting and your cheering me on. 🙂

  20. Nancy Borninkhof 4 years ago

    Great going!!!!!! Is this replacing the other site?

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      Thank you Nancy!! Yes, the other site is totally down. So now is the place to go. I’m leaving the old Blogger/Blogspot site up. Many people have linked to articles there and it may be quite some time before I take it down.

  21. Beth Putnam 4 years ago

    You just keep getting better. Thank you!

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      Beth, thank you so much!! That is a great compliment. I’m always looking to improve.

  22. Melanie 4 years ago

    Congrats on the website Kristen & Team,
    I’ve been looming for about a year now. Thanks to your app, Facebook page & videos I’ve learned so much. I live in the Deep South & there’s not much need for
    warm clothing that most people associate w/knitting (and loom knitting) so there’s not a lot of “knitting groups” or yarn shops. But thanks to you I’ve learned that there is so much more than that. Thanks again & Good Luck !!

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      Thank you Melanie for your sweet words. I’m honored to help. I, too, live in the South. Well southwest. I live in North Texas and it gets blazing hot so smaller projects are usually my preference as well. Thanks for watching and subscribing!!

  23. Paula arnao 4 years ago

    I love your site, I have learned a lot from your site. You make great videos!

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      Thank you Paula, I’m really glad you enjoy the site. Thank you so much for watching as well, It makes me happy to know that they are helpful to people.

  24. Pat Miller 4 years ago

    I am interested in learning different crafts etc , even at my age of 75. Things like new crochet stitches , new patterns for shrugs telco.PJBM

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      Pat, I’m honored to have you here! I love that you are still learning; that is inspiring. Its such an important part of life, learning something everyday. I totally agree. Thank you for letting me know as I’ll keep that in mind for future projects!

  25. Christina Fasoula 4 years ago

    Congratulation! Beautiful, informative!!! Lots of hard work!!,

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      Thank you Christina! I’m so glad you enjoy it, your comment is really encouraging and affirming. YOU still keep me inspired my friend!

  26. Sharon 4 years ago

    Great site! Appreciate the patterns and community!

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      Thank you Sharon! I’m so glad you are here, thanks for the encouragement. It’s all about community! 🙂

  27. Sherry Downs 4 years ago

    So excited!!! Been needle knitting 10 years and looming only 3 months. Loving it!

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      That’s awesome Sherry!! So glad you found me and hope this new site has everything you need.

  28. angel 4 years ago

    love to loom knit learning to crochet

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      Angel I’m so glad you are here! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  29. Gail Goodwin 4 years ago

    Love good knit kisses and look forward to the new website!

  30. Debra Anchondo 4 years ago

    I really love this new website. I’m already a part of the GoodKnitKisses group on facebook for I’d say about over a year now and i really love it. I was more involved when I first got into it but I found a new job and it really takes up a lot of my time due to the weired hours, but I still find time to look at all the wonderful things people are making which I love. Plus the new ideas and acomplishments of the other members are awesome. Looking forward to future newsletters.

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      Debra, it’s great to see you here and thank you for the encouragement! Congratulations on your new job…And of course take some time to unwind with me. 😉 hardy har

  31. Joan Wolckenhauer 4 years ago

    I enjoy loom knitting, regular knitting and crocheting. I prefer quick projects!

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      LOL. Me, too Joan! I’m so glad you are here…you do all three of the yarnie things I love and made this site for! I’ll be increasing those categories and hope you find some new fast fun projects along the way here.

  32. Barb R 4 years ago

    The new webiste is looking good, all your hard work is paying off and is very much appreciated. Great job!

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      Thank you for your kind words and checking out the site Barb!

  33. Brenda 4 years ago

    Hi Daisy I’ve been on Good knit kisses for a few years now love this group and no you are not alone !!!

  34. daisy caverneels 4 years ago

    like to knit and i thought i was all alone or that people would think bad of me because i liked it but i saw on the net and fb that i am not alone at last;

    Sincere greetings from belgium

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 4 years ago

      Glad to have you Daisy, you are totally not alone! 🙂 Thanks for venturing out to find us.

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