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Blanket Sizes Chart

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Use this chart as a guide to average measurements for blankets and afghans. If you need to determine cast-on stitches or rows to knit please use our calculator in our app or the following formula.  For further instructions refer to our blog on calculating from a swatch.

Cast-On Formula used:
Swatch is S stitches and measures W wide. The stitches per inch is S/W and desired width is dW. The Stitches to Cast-On = (dW x S/W).
Now for the Rows Calculations:
Measure the swatch number of rows and enter the number of rows and the measured length. Then enter the desired length of project and press ‘Rows needed are->’.
Formula for rows needed = (dL x R/L) where dL is desired length, R is number of measured rows and L is length measured.
Blanket Sizes Chart by Kristen Mangus of GoodKnit Kisses

Blanket Sizes Chart by Kristen Mangus of GoodKnit Kisses


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