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November 6, 2015

Zippy Loom Hat | Bulky Moss Beanie

Bulky Moss Beanie Zippy Loom Hat pattern Bulky Moss Beanie {Bulky Moss Cowl} By Kristen Mangus October 30, 2015 Make a Zippy Loom Hat with the Bulky Moss Beanie.  This pattern can also be used for a cowl as well; notes for cowl are in “{ }”.  Need 4-6 Zippy looms and 1 set of Zippy corners. See […]

May 14, 2015

Stamen Stitch | Loom Knit

Stamen Stitch Pattern for loom knitting and a Hat pattern included after. (Editor’s note: I hope you enjoy the Stamen Stitch and Hat.  I can’t test and video all patterns but hope you enjoy seeing new designs and designers.  Please comment or click a heart!  -Kristen Mangus)    Stamen Stitch Designer: Dedi Herold Boyer I converted this pattern from the […]

May 9, 2015

Pineapple Hat | Loom Knit Pattern

A Pineapple Hat reminds me of Carmen Miranda or Lucille Ball playing her (the Chiquita banana lady!) having fun or making a mess. Even some today would probably liken it to Spongebob. But really, this Pineapple Hat has been making me hungry for my favorite fruit ever since Kay Weiss and I have been working on […]