CO = cast-on (loom knit cast on)

Loom Knit Cast On Overview with swatches

Loom Knit Cast On

In this article you will find links to videos of Loom Knit Cast on Methods for the knitting loom.  Most are for single knit and some are double.  They are shown on a loom in a flat panel but can be connected to be used IN THE ROUND (or in a circle) for a hat, bag, tub scarf, etc. It doesn’t matter what loom this occurs on,  just make sure you use an appropriate yarn or number of strands for the gauge (spacing from center of peg to center of peg – CTC) of that loom.

(***loom shown in the first set of links is Knitting Board AllnOne loom with 3/8″ small gauge; again your loom could be a large gauge plastic loom and it will work the same.***)

*We will add more Cast On methods as they are filmed and uploaded.  If you would like to contribute writing the directions for these cast on methods please contact us to contribute.  This site is a collective effort for the knotty public to benefit! 🙂  Thanks everyone!
Loom Knit Cast On Overview with swatches.

Loom Knit Cast On: E-wrap.

Loom Knit Cast On: Long Tail & Long Tail Ribbed CO.

Loom Knit Cast-On: Half Hitch Cast On or Backwards loop.

Loom Knit Cast-On: Yarn Over or Double Ewrap.

Loom Knit Cast-On: True Cable Cast On (easy no crochet hook) matches needle version.

Cable Cast On (CCO):

These directions may be used with a beginning slip knot or in the middle of row.

Bring working yarn to the front of the peg just worked (or slip knot) as though to flat knit. Insert loom tool below bottom loop on peg and pull working yarn down to make a loop. Flip loop over onto empty peg. Gently tug working yarn toward the back of the loom between the pegs to tighten stitch. Repeat steps to continue casting on more stitches.


Loom Knit Cast-On: Chain Cast On.

Loom Knit Cast-On: Crochet Cast On.

Loom Knit Cast-On: Scalloped Cast On.

Loom Knit Cast-On: Cable Cast On (braided on right side).

Loom Knit Diamond Lace or Figure 8 Cast on Single Knitting.

Loom Knit Cast On: Adjustable .

Loom Knit Cast On: Classic Knit Cast On.

Loom Knit Cast On: Purl Cast On.

Loom Knit Cast On: Picot Cast On.

Loom Knit: Quick Half Hitch Cast on.

Loom Knit: Modified Drawstring Cast onor use the first version at How to Drawstring Cast on a round loom Loom Knit. OR

S Loom Chain Cast on: S loom with crochet hook.

Loom Knit: Finish Cast on edge of scarf or panel.

Loom Knit: Roll Free Edge Rib Stitch for hat brim or blanket.

Loom Knit: Crochet Cast on Long Loom.

Loom Knit: Easy Chain Cast On with crochet hook was crochet cast on by error.

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  1. Hello,
    I have learned much from watching you, thank you! My question to you is, I’ve recently heard of an I cord cast on.
    Have you & do you have a video for it?

    Spring, TX.

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