ew or EK = e-wrap stitch (loom knit)

E-Wrap Knit

e-wrap stitch - loom knit hat

The E-wrap stitch is a simple stockinette stitch used commonly for beginners in loom knitting.  The working yarn wraps between peg 1 and 2, around the front of peg 1 and behind peg 1.  If the next peg is needed to be E-wrapped it repeats by the working yarn moving between peg 2 and 3, around the front of peg 2 and behind peg 2. The wrapping technique creates the look of a lower case cursive “e” when looking down onto the peg.  This type of stitch is a twisted knit stitch (or knit through the back loop in needle k1tbl).  Instead of a traditional “v” look in your knitting, it will look more like a “y” as the fabric is knit.  Since the EW is still a stockinette stitch, it will curl on the ends and edges unless a purl, that naturally curls the opposite way, is used.

The e-wrap is also written as: ew, EW, ewrap, e-wrap or even as knit.  However read the directions in a loom knit pattern to see if the designer calls out the main knit stitch used.  Some will write “Use an e-wrap stitch for all knit stitches unless otherwise directed” or a similar language. If translating a needle pattern to the loom please use the U knit stitch or a flat knit and then loosening the stitch a bit with your loom pick.  Both of these will create a traditional knit stitch without all the extra work of the “reverse purl” or Knit where you take it on and off the loom. (see video links) Most needle patterns with use the smoother knit stitch to create the “v”, use the e-wrap stitch for when the needle pattern calls for k1tbl, knit through the back loop or a twisted knit.

Below are some videos on E-wrap stitches for single knit (flat panel) knitting as well as double.  Also a video on comparing stitches in a swatch is below we hope you will find handy.

(EDIT UPDATE definition and notes below)

E-wrap Knit (EK or also EW): Bring working yarn around back of peg, between current and next peg to the front and back around between current peg and previous peg. The forms a loop around peg in the same of a cursive “e”.  to work the stitch lift bottom loop over top loop. The fabric with be a twisted stitch resembling more of a “y” shape with a little more yarn.  It doesn’t lay flat like a knit stitch that looks like a “v” shape, instead it overlaps slightly.  This also creates a stretchier stitch. In needles it is also referred to as tbl or through back loop. Directional knitting – Working in the same direction, as in the round, the stitches will all line up uniformly.  Working back and forth, as a flat panel, every other row will screw the opposite direction. This is usually only an issue when working both in the round and then a flat panel in the same project such as fingerless mitts for example.  Solution: Every other row use a Half Hitch (HH) instead of an EK and work the bottom loop over the top as you would with an EK.

How to Loom Knit: Beginner E-wrap (ew) Stitch now with CC





Try it Double Knit (double thick and sided) and look like an e-wrap on both sides.


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  1. Cheyenne Johnson April 15, 2018 at 4:40 pm Reply

    What is the stitch that is like the E wrap but there are 3 loops on one peg and you pull the bottom loop over the two top loops?

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