How to Loom a Hat

Loom a Hat

Learning to Loom a Hat on a knitting loom is the most basic pattern and you will find it simple, easy and very addictive!

Usually people start with a hat or scarf when beginning to loom knit. This video is for a baby hat but can easily adjust to any size using any circular loom or yarn. On the larger gauge plastic looms, found in most craft stores, use our Loom Knit Hat Chart. For more advanced sizing when you get at a more comfortable level: Use our HAT CHART to find the right length to knit. To get the right gauge test the loom with the yarn you want to use and make a swatch. Doing some simple math after measuring your swatch can help you calculate how may pegs to use. Be sure to look at the head circumference and use with our swatch calculator to get the perfect fit.

Learn to Loom a Hat with a decreased crown.  A decreased crown method allows for a “less bulky” top of the hat. (Update Feb 2015!!—>) Here is a NEW EASY Method!! Modified Gathered Bind Off

Common Suggested brims style are:

Brimless (sometimes called rolled; can be confused with hemmed)

Hemmed (cast on edge is brought back up after brim length is doubled and added back onto needles; continue knitting in the round – also sometimes called rolled but “hemmed” is a more accurate way to describe to discourage confusion.)

Garter (Alternate a full row of Knit followed by a full row of purl.  Repeat until desired brim length is achieved)

Rib or Ribbed (Alternating series of knits and purls evenly throughout row.  For example a 1×1 rib would be knit 1, purl 1 and repeat.  This works on a multiple of 2.  For a multiple of 2 or 4 a 2×2 rib can be achieved; *knit 2, purl 2* and repeat between *,*. Also written as *k2, p2* rep bet *,*. Other rib brims can be made but depends on row stitch count.

Consult our HAT CHART at this link for help on sizing


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Want more videos? Check out our Loom Along playlist at

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