Loom Knit Baby Cocoon Pattern

Loom Knit Baby Cocoon

loom knit baby cocoon

Have you been wanting to make a simple Loom Knit Baby Cocoon but not sure how without a video?  Grab some super bulky yarn or 3 strands of worsted and lets make a cocoon! Below you’ll find the loom along video.

In the video I make a more finished looking bind off than the regular drawstring.  It’s less bulky. If you want to make it more simple you can just put a string of yarn through all the loops on the pegs and bind it up that way.  I show how to do a gradual decrease to remove the normal bulkiness of the drawstring method.  Use this same technique for the crown of a hat made on this same loom as well!


41 peg Knifty Knitter or 40 peg Boye Loom (Yellow 41 peg KK loom used in video)

Knitting pick


tape measure

crochet hook


Super Bulky #6 yarn (Lion Brand Homespun Thick & Quick used in video.  Pictures above is standard LB Homespun in the brown)

or use 3 strands of worsted weight yarn (video coming soon on pulling 3 strands at the same time from 1 ball of yarn!)


Cast on in Ewrap

Row 1: Ewrap

Repeat Row 1 till desired length achieve.  Recommend 18-20″ or even 22″

Bind off:

Decreased crown bind off shown in video or standard drawstring bind off.


Weave in your tails and you have your first Loom Knit Baby Cocoon!
Disclaimer: Loom knit baby cocoons are very popular but make sure you are not letting baby sleep in it unattended.  This is not a sleep sack and should be used for photography purposes only.  Sleep sacks need to make sure the stitches are so tight that little fingers cannot get through, this pattern is NOT for sleeping.  Thank you.


Loom Knit Baby Cocoon
by Kristen Mangus – Originally published January 12, 2013

Want more videos? Check out our Loom Along playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEA2932AB653044E9.


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