Loom Knit Techniques, Tips & Formulas

loom knit tips techniques formula

loom knit tips techniques formula

Loom Knit Techniques, Tips & Formulas

Below you will find videos for loom knitting techniques from GoodKnitKisses. Be sure to scroll through the entire playlist to find the right loom knit technique for you.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the videos and tutorials that Kristen has done, but it’s a list of special techniques and tips unique to loom knitting.

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Table of Contents

  1. Loom Knitting Basics

    1. Intro to Loom Knitting
    2. Loom Knit Stitches
    3. Beginner Loom Knitting Playlist
    4. All About Yarn
    5. How to fix a loose cast on edge
    6. How to change colors
    7. Slipped stitch edge
  2. Finishing Techniques

    1. Weave in Ends
    2. Seaming
    3. Kitchener Stitch
  3. Types of Projects

    1. Blankets
    2. Hat Crowns
    3. Earflap Hats
    4. Flowers
    5. Pom Poms
  4. Looms

    1. S Looms
    2. Spool Looms
  5. Yarn & Project Calculators

    1. Cast On, Row Count and Yardage
    2. Sock Calculator
    3. Ten Stitch Blanket Calculators

    Looms of various sizes and shapes

    1.1 Intro to Loom Knitting

    Let’s start at the very beginning!  These two videos are an introduction designed for those that have never loom knit before.  They answer some of the basic loom knitting questions.

    1.2 Knit Stitches

    In loom knitting, unlike needle knitting, we have many ways to work a knit stitch.  This video teaches the difference between the stitches and how to knit each one.

    1.3 Beginner Loom Knitting Playlist

    This playlist contains some basic cast ons, bind offs, stitches and easy projects for beginner loom knitters.

    1.4 All About Yarn

    1.5 How to fix a loose cast on edge

    1.6 How to change colors

    1.7 Slipped stitch edge

    2.1 Weave in Ends

    2.2 Seaming

    2.3 Kitchener Stitch

    3.1 Blankets

    There are dozens of blanket patterns available for the loom.  These are just a few to give you some ideas.

    3.2 Hat Crowns

    The video collection shows a few ways to finish off a hat.  Decreasing your stitch count for a few rows before you bind off reduces the bulkiness on the top of the hat and makes it easier to close.

    3.3 Earflap Hats

    Many people love the look of earflaps for photo props, for fashion or simply to keep ears warm.  Learn how to calculate that formula and apply it to the loom you need.

    Take loom that knits in the round (a circle or rectangle or square all work) peg count.


    Divide # of pegs by 3 & round up = front of hat # of pegs to leave empty. Remaining pegs divide by 3 for ear flap peg # of stitches. 1/3 will leave empty in the back (opposite of front.)  1/3 is the right earflap final stitch count & 1/3 is the left earflap final stitch count. Either start earflap with all stitches and knit as same width or increase evenly from 1-3 pegs starting to that 1/3 number. https://youtu.be/CW_1BZILnIQ?t=4m3s (video jumps to explanation and shows loom examples)

    3.4 Flowers

    Flowers make great embellishments for hats, blankets, headbands and more.  I hope you enjoy this collection of loom knit flowers.

    3.5 Pom Poms

    Pom poms are traditional hat toppers, but you can use them for so much more!

    4.1 S Looms

    S looms allow loom knitters to work on a large project that requires lots of pegs.  This playlist shows you a few different ways to use your S loom.

    4.2 Spool Looms

    Spool looms are the classic small looms that many of us learned to use as kids. These little looms are great for making cording.

    5.1 Cast On, Row Count and Yardage

    It’s math time!  When you need to know how many stitches to cast on or how many rows to knit GKK has your back!  And the classic question of how much yarn you need to complete a project is right here.

    Cast On, Row Count and Yardage Calculator

    5.2 Sock Calculator

    For a perfect fit on your next pair of socks I suggest you let us do the math for you…

    Sock Calculator

    5.3 Ten Stitch Blanket Calculators

    The Ten Stitch Blanket pattern is a classic for loom knitters because unlike other blankets that require lots of stitches you never need more than 10!  The calculators below will help you figure out how big your blanket will be and how much yarn it will take.

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    I live your channel by the way it’s helped me on so many projects. But I have a pattern that uses the S loom and says to cast on 134 pegs but then it says the first and last peg will be turning pegs. So my question is how do I go about doing a turning peg. I can’t find a visual aid to really help me. Do I just skip the first and last peg?

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  3. How can I make a loosely knit scarf on a knitting loom?

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