p = purl stitch (loom knit)

The Purl stitch

The purl stitch is a simple stockinette stitch used commonly in knitting. The purl stitch can feel slow but will get easier the more you use it and will create beautiful patterns when combined with other stitches.


purl stitch

Purl stitches create a outward bump in a flat fabric when next to a sea of knit stitches.  A purl stitch is always on the reverse of a knit stitch and bends in the opposite direction.  A stockinette stitch naturally it will curl on the ends and edges unless a knit, that naturally curls the opposite way, is used. Try a garter, rib, seed or moss stitch pattern to the edges and ends to keep this fabric lying flat. Knit and Purl combination patterns are plentiful and knowing the purl stitch will open you up to endless possibilities in your knitting.

How to loom the purl stitch:

Place the working yarn below the previous stitch on the peg.  With your loom pick pull the working yarn on bottom upward through the previous stitch from the front of the peg making a new loop.  Hold the new loop and take the old one off the loom.  now place the new loop on the peg and slightly pull the access yarn to snug up the stitch (but not tight!). Please watch the video below for demonstration.

How to Loom Knit: Purl Stitch (p)



To make a garter stitch pattern with the purl stitch visit HERE.

To make a rib stitch pattern with the purl stitch visit HERE.

To make a seed stitch pattern with the purl stitch visit HERE.

To make a moss stitch pattern with the purl stitch visit HERE.


Try experimenting with making a letter or image appear in a sea of knit stitches buy using the purl stitch in specific places.  Grab some graph paper to draw out your idea.  Leave all unmarked boxes for knit stitches and the filled in boxes can be purl. Tip.  If you use a small gauge loom you can get more stitches per inch.  Check out our loom gauges charts for more info!

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