p = purl

Purl stitch. This is the classic purl stitch. When all purl stitches show on the right side (RS) we call this reverse stockinette. The stitch looks like a small owtward bump. This fabric will curl towards the front. To make it go the opposite direction a knit stitch is needed; purls curl toward the front and knits to the back. Knit and purl combinations produce lovely patterns and are used throughout knitting “stitch patterns” and full patterns. To make a purl stitch show on the front or right side (RS) of flat knitting you will need to learn to knit from the wrong side (WS) when you turn your needles. In curcular knitting use all purl stitches to produce reverse stockinette (making a knit isn’t nessesary since all stitches are on the right side).

Click here for a tutorial. http://youtu.be/lkb0YyrzPWA

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