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Bethany Dailey

Bethany Dailey

Bethany Dailey has been enjoying the art of loom knitting for the past 10 years.  Along with creating and teaching patterns for her website, she currently acts as a columnist for Authentic Knitting Board’s Stitchology series.  Bethany Dailey has published her debut book, Loom Knitting for Little People, as well as had the honor of participating in several other loom knitting publications: Loom Knitting Afghans, Loom Knitting with the All-n-One Loom, Loom Knitting Pattern Book, and Loom Knitting Socks, all by Isela Phelps; as well as for Provo Crafts and the Loom Knitter’s Circle Magazine.  She loves calling the Pacific Northwest her home, and is happily encouraged in every way by her husband and two teenage daughters.

Be sure to check that out in her Ravelry store listed below. Also there you will find fan favorites from her published works and self-published patterns. Please send Bethany Dailey some GoodKnitKisses love!

Bethany Dailey


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