Patterns by Kristen Mangus

 Patterns by Kristen Mangus

Patterns by Kristen Mangus

Patterns by Kristen Mangus

Kristen is a multi-talented entrepreneur with a heart as big as Texas. She is the Owner, Host and Creative Director of GoodKnit Kisses. GoodKnit Kisses is a company positioned to inspire, encourage and empower people through education and design. She’s built a large and loyal on-line community of followers by sharing her personal passion for knitting and all things creative through YouTube video tutorials, Facebook live broadcasts, blogs and patterns. Her vision is to leave an inspired crafting world for future generations that continues to teach and reach others. She and her husband, John, have three amazing kids.

Patterns by Kristen Mangus at YouTube channel GoodKnitKisses listed on Ravelry sorted by favorites for your convenience. There you’ll find free and paid patterns listed. All patterns by Kristen Mangus have video links to techniques needed or full loom along tutorials in video form. Enjoy!


A bit of Kristen history:

Kristen Mangus studied Interior Design at Texas Christian University which was FIDER accredited. Graduating in 1999 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Interior Design Kristen also received a minor in Lighting for Visual Presentation.  Studies in Lighting required extra training in school and with professionals in retail design, stage & theatre, Dance/ Ballet and hospitality (hotels and art display). Kristen is highly skilled in space planning, forecasting for future challenges and tackling now as well as problem solving for current challenges. Kristen sat for her NCIDQ examination and passed in 2001 and has been a registered Interior Designer with the State of Texas since 2002.

In college Kristen had picked up a job at MJDesigns (was after the split from Michaels MJ Designs; they became two different companies). In a bit of trivia, Kristen was on their sand volleyball team and help win the company a championship trophy! She worked in the floral department churning out custom bows for clients from the hair-bow, to packages to huge car bows! This was fun for her as she even crafted in high school making mums for Homecoming for extra cash with her mom as well as hair bows and jewelry. In junior high and high school Kristen called her crafting business Kristen’s Krafts!

At MJDesigns she learned more about the crafts she used to enjoy as a kid and designing floral arrangements as well. She went on to pick up several side crafting gigs after leaving MJDesigns including Wedding floral designs and planning. She called that business Angelbearries Floral Designs and alway had that entrepreneurial spirit. Kristen had also learned as a child to crochet a bit from her great Aunt and self-taught how to finger knit, latch hook and plastic canvas. However she didn’t pick up any other yarn skills until married with children.

Inspiration to Knitting –

When experiencing the pains of post-partem after her third child in 2010, Kristen decided to pick up knitting and crochet books and learn as form of crafting therapy.  The books came in and she studied them feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Onward then, to a late night trip to Walmart, Kristen happened upon a set of Knifty Knitter looms and thought…this looks easier!  Having carpel tunnel at the time meant the looms should be less strenuous and they were! She found the directions were not as great as they should be and was disappointed with the designs.  “Why can’t loom patterns look like needle versions?!”, she thought. And so her journey started from there.  In 2011 Kristen Mangus started the YouTube channel for GoodKnit Kisses (known as GoodKnitKisses on YT). It has been quite a journey so far and through having 3  kids, a full time career, then YouTube at night it finally became time to jump all the way in.

In late August 2014 Kristen Mangus took the leap of staying home with her kids and working on GoodKnit Kisses YouTube full time to leave her job.  She will continue education as required but the State for Interior Design but will be focusing on the GoodKnit Kisses audience and this Resource website.

We look forward to the publications that are already underway, since taking the leap, and cannot wait to tell you more about her books and products coming to stores soon. Patterns by Kristen Mangus will continue to grow in the future and we thank you for visiting us here!


We hope you enjoy our resource library and new blogs.

Kristen wishes to make this a joint collaboration to make more resources available.

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Blessings to you and yours and keep on stitching!

Patterns by Kristen Mangus

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