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Renee Van Hoy

Renee Van Hoy is a published an avid loom knitter. Many of her patterns are collections of beautiful shawls and scarves, as well as many other splendid treasures. Renee Van Hoy is an incredibly gifted knitter who happens to be legally blind. Her gorgeous patterns are well written and worth the purchase as they are well written and thought out. She is very active on Ravelry and is usually available should you need assistance with a pattern of hers.

Personally I make many videos but as you can see why Renee Van Hoy does not and will not make them. As a courtesty to Renee please refrain from asking her if she will make a video for a pattern. Many people have asked her and I’m sure it is tiring to be asked over and over. Know that her patterns are easy to follow but she is very active on Ravelry and frequently is available for questions or will run Ravelry loom along (NOT VIDEO) threads on patterns.

Be sure to check out her Ravelry page for her most recent patterns, ebooks and publications and send some GoodKnitKisses love!

P.S. Please know that we will never make a video of any of Renee Van Hoy’s patterns, nor anyone else’s, unless they have specifically asked me to. Do not request this of the designer as a courtesy. There are legal ramifications and ethically I will not do it. Respectfully I will not ask a designer myself either unless its something they have expressed interest in. Sometimes Renee has really been pushed and bugged about it on the Ravelry boards.  Please do not do this out of respect for her and myself.  Thank you for your understanding and support!

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