t-ch = turning chain

t-ch = turning chain

Chain used when starting a new row (or “line”).  We rotate our work around and start a new chain before the called out stitch.  For example:  We come to the end of a row for double crochet.  We have 1 loop on our hook and turn the crocheted fabric around to work in the correct direction.  Now we chain 3 and then start our double crochet.


Video Reference Turning Chains:

Ch1 for Single Crochet http://youtu.be/nIdCN0O0By4

Ch2 for Half Double Crochet http://youtu.be/6FsNeROi6ug

Ch3 for Double Crochet http://youtu.be/mXmRm1ryXUQ

Ch4 for Triple Crochet http://youtu.be/G70z7TocNwU

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