April 28, 2015

Diamond Lace Stitch (DLS)| Needle Knit

The Diamond Lace Stitch (DLS) for needles is stitch pattern to look like a small open mesh resembling crochet. Originally seen & made on a knitting loom, now it is available as a stitch pattern for needles.  Knitting in the round is the simplest but instructions for flat knitting is also included. Below the stitch patterns […]

April 23, 2015

Magic Formula | Any Size Circle

Magic Formula to make any size flat circle. In our knitting and crochet craft club on Facebook I’ve had the pleasure to meet many people of all walks of life virtually.  Meet Joann Fernstrom. Many years ago she became friends with a lady named Alles Hutchinson.  Alles published a wonderful educational magazine (booklet) called NEWS & […]

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April 1, 2015

Chevron Ear Warmer | Needle Knit

The Chevron Ear Warmer is a pretty lace pattern that will provide warmth needed on those chilly mornings out walking the dog, going for a run or on the archery range. Meet Jaimie Lingle and her pattern The Chevron Ear Warmer. -GKK Team Chevron Ear-warmer Designer: Jaimie Lingle I am a bit of an archery buff, […]

March 27, 2015

Start an Etsy Knitting Shop

Want to start an Etsy knitting shop?   Our guest blogger, Lorelei Eurto, will be teaching on how to Start an Etsy Knittting Shop April 1, 2015…no fools! Lorelei is the recent blogger on GKK bringing you the knit Skeleton Key Clutch with its clever leather lining, key and sweet knit wool.  We hope you enjoy this […]

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