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She resides in Upstate NY and is a jewelry designer. She has recently picked up the new hobby of loom knitting. Lorelei is diligently working on building her confidence as a new knitter and has worked on a wide portfolio of different projects such as cowls, fingerless gloves, scarves and mug cozies.
March 27, 2015

Start an Etsy Knitting Shop

Want to start an Etsy knitting shop?   Our guest blogger, Lorelei Eurto, will be teaching on how to Start an Etsy Knittting Shop April 1, 2015…no fools! Lorelei is the recent blogger on GKK bringing you the knit Skeleton Key Clutch with its clever leather lining, key and sweet knit wool.  We hope you enjoy this […]

Knitting, Loom
March 20, 2015

Skeleton Key Clutch | Loom

Skeleton Key Clutch. The name has you, but did you know clutches will be all the rage according to Fashion Week London Fall 2015? Lorelei was aiming for something unique and different. Knit wool, leather & a skeleton key. I would say the Skeleton Key Clutch is all that! -Kristen Mangus Skeleton Key Clutch Designed by: Lorelei […]