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We’ve got loads of resources to help you successfully complete your projects. Whether you’re a new crocheter or a lifelong loom knitter these tutorials, charts and tips will help you perfect your craft.

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General Resources

  1. How to Make a Gauge Swatch
    • A gauge swatch is a small sample you work before you begin a large project. Using this swatch helps you confirm that the yarn, needles/loom/hook and stitch pattern work well together. You can also confirm that your finished project will be the correct size or make adjustments.
  2. Prevent Knits from Curling
    • Curling, or rolling, at the edges of knit fabric is a common problem. Learn how to prevent it and fix a curled edge after your project is done.
  3. How to Wet Block
    • Blocking sets the stitches in your knit or crochet project and let’s you set it to an exact size. Learn the process of wet blocking in this video tutorial.
  4. Duplicate Stitch Charts
    • Learn how to work the duplicate stitch to embellish your knits after they are finished.
  5. Donating Knit & Crochet Items to Charity
    • There is a need for knit and crochet hats, blankets, scarves and more. Get tips for making projects for donation.
  6. Craft Show Tips
    • Get my best tips for selling your handmade items at craft shows.
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Loom Knitting Resources

  1. Loom Knit Abbreviations
    • Common abbreviations used in loom knit patterns
  2. Beginner Loom Knitting Playlist
    • Playlist I created to step you through how to loom knit. Includes beginning skills, stitch patterns and more.
  3. Loom Knit Techniques & Tips
    • Everything you want to learn about loom knitting but didn’t know to ask! This covers all the basics including how to weave in ends, change colors and make a slip stitched edge.
  4. Loom Gauge Charts, Notes & Looms
    • Learn about loom gauge and how it affects your project. Includes list of looms with gauges and peg counts.
  5. Converting Knitting Patterns to Loom
    • Learn how to take a needle knit pattern and convert the instructions to use on a knitting loom. Includes details on how to choose the right loom for your project.
  6. How to Loom Knit a Hat for Beginners
    • Essential tutorial to help you make a loom knit hat including brim and crown choices.
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Crochet Resources

  1. Crochet Abbreviations
    • Common abbreviations used in crochet patterns
  2. Turning Chain Chart
    • Handy chart showing how many turning chains you need to match each crochet stitch
  3. US vs. UK Crochet Terms
    • Compare U.S. crochet terminology to it’s U.K. equivalent

I hope these resources help you reach your crafting potential. As I develop new content I’ll add to the list.