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Skeleton Key Clutch | Loom

Skeleton Key Clutch | Loom

Skeleton Key Clutch. The name has you, but did you know clutches will be all the rage according to Fashion Week London Fall 2015? Lorelei was aiming for something unique and different. Knit wool, leather & a skeleton key. I would say the Skeleton Key Clutch is all that! -Kristen Mangus

Skeleton Key Clutch

Designed by: Lorelei Eurto

As a brand new loom knitter, I was anxious to try my hand at something unique and different than the typical cowl or scarf that I had been making.  I thought an accessory could be fun. The inspiration started with this gorgeous handspun yarn from Manos del Uruguay and a little key. The Skeleton Key Clutch…

Skeleton Key Clutch front view

Skeleton Key Clutch front view


Authentic Knitting Board 10” straight loom was used in the sample.

Any loom with 24 double pegs 5/16” peg spacing. DOUBLE KNITTING.

Loom tool

crochet hook to weave in ends

heavy duty thread (Dual Duty thread used)

tapestry needle

leather punch

Leather Sheet (8 ½ “ x 11”) {Alternately you could line the clutch in fabric}

A small piece of riveted leather strip to use as toggle for closure

1 accent button – Vintage Skelton Key was used as the accent button for the sample

clutch personal


Medium Weight 4 (Approximately 100 yards). The sample was done in Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica Kettled Dyed Wool yarn color Uranium Green Aran/ 10 ply 100% Wool approx 100 yards was used.


Techniques Used:

Stockinette cast on with anchor yarn.

Double knitting stockinette stitch.



The skeleton key clutch is knit as a flat panel measuring 10” wide x 14” long. (For a wider, more elongated clutch look, simply cast on more pairs on a longer knitting board. -note from Kristen)

I initially planned on lining my clutch with fabric then I remembered I saw a very cool sheet of leather at Michael’s Craft Store!



Cast On:

All (24 pairs) pegs with the stockinette cast on with anchor yarn.


Main Body:

Using the double knit stockinette stitch knit a flat panel measuring 10”wide x 14”long.


Bind Off:

Use the double knit crochet cast off; weave in ends.



Add Lining:

Punch holes around the outside of leather and sew it onto the panel using a tapestry needle & thread

Fold the panel in thirds sewing the bottom two thirds sides together to close.

Inside view leather lining skeleton key clutch

Inside view leather lining

Attach the accent button (toggle) to the front and attach the leather strip to the flap making a loop. Will loop over the button or key as a toggle would.

skeleton key clutch add accent button

Add accent button

Hope you enjoy your Skeleton Key Clutch!


About Lorelei Eurto:

She resides in Upstate NY and is a jewelry designer.  She has recently picked up the new hobby of loom knitting.  Lorelei is diligently working on building her confidence as a new knitter and has worked on a wide portfolio of different projects such as cowls, fingerless gloves, scarves and mug cozies.

You can read up on her daily jewelry and knitting projects on her blog.  Lorelei’s Blog: Inside the Studio


Lorelei Eurto

Editors Note: Skeleton Key Clutch aka Skeleton Key Knit Clutch Pattern is not tested yet by GKK.  Conversions to other looms are not tested.  Please leave comments if you have success with other looms and would like to help fellow loomers.  Thanks! -Kristen (A special thank you to our editor Carol Lilydot!!)

Watch for a video to come soon!

Jo Jenkins

Tuesday 17th of January 2017

Love it, bit it looks complicated. Great job!

Jo Jenkins

Tuesday 17th of January 2017

Love it, bit it looks complicated. Great job!