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I’ve decided I’m allergic to chocolate. I MUST be. It makes things swell and enlarge!!

You can breakout from chocolate and it’s not a good idea when you already have a mild milk allergy like I do. I’ve decided my Prescription. Spring Cleaning. I’m Dr. Mom and I’m writing it myself. I pray the Lord will give me gentle reminders that I’m allergic and to avoid at all costs because it is deadly!

Cleaning over Chocolate?
It’s the furthest from your mind. But think about it. Chocolate is a comfort food. It can be very satisfying and comforting or relaxing, although fleeting. While Cleaning isn’t relaxing, the satisfaction of clearing a pile of junk mail, cards & old paid bills into a few filed items, after some recycling & fun shredding, the satisfaction is quite high and it’s like your mind has relaxed. A reprieve for the brain. A small victory on a challenging day. A dead place in your space has opened for imagination and creativity where there was none. Fertile ground if you will. Just like when we choose forgiveness instead of begrudging someone the weight has lifted. Besides, it really hurts ourselves and not our Enemy. I wanna keep up with the clutter not the clutter keeping me up!

Our body’s go on Mini Retreats to the spa or nail salon. We go on vacation to “get away from it all”. But it returns as soon as we do!

For some it’s shopping therapy. It’s for the mind or even our “soul” or emotions we think; but I say that’s expensive and dangerous! It goes away quickly leaving us still needing something more. Just like that last chocolate morsel with your next sip of coffee or taste of toothpaste.

No clutter, no fat. I’m game! The Spring Cleaning Bug has bit me and I’M GAME!!


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