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American Flag Wreath

American Flag Wreath

American Flag Wreath or Christmas Wreath (Scroll to End)

(Loom Knit)


Make an American Flag Wreath for your door or inside decor this 4th of July for Independence day or other times like Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day!  Tracy Kelly has put together an American Flag Wreath inspired, by another, and written up the pattern for you.  Please be sure to hit the heart button below to give Tracy some love.  We hope you enjoy her American Flag Wreath pattern. You might even consider filling with Polyfill, instead of a foam wreath to use as washable table decor, too!  Just sew on star buttons instead of using hot glue.  Have fun and be sure to hit the HEART button at the bottom. -Kristen


P.S. This would be fun to adapt at Christmas as well, see instructions below pattern.

Here is the Crochet pattern inspiration below by Petals to Picot!


American Flag Wreath

by Tracy Kelly

Major Materials:

Loom – a 5/8″ Regular gauge (RG) loom with at least 16-19 pegs; The 22 peg Knit UK Blue Loom (using every other peg hole) was used in the sample. Alternate loom 24 peg Knifty Knitter (KK) Blue Loom.

12 Inch Styrofoam Ring – 38 inch around the outside diameter, 5 ½”+ diameter ring (Purchased at A.C. Moore but any craft store should have them).

(You may be able to just stuff with polyfill if you don’t want to purchase a ring – I personally have not tried this but let me know if it works…you may need to stuff it firmly to mimic the foam ring).


Caron Simply Soft Number 4 Red, White, and Blue Yarn.

(Red Heart number 4 yarn may create a longer panel but not sure).


7 garter sets equals approximately 2-2.25 inches – Useful when using different weights of yarn.

(115 sets or 230 rows to complete the 38” panel).


Small White Stars – you can use whatever you like, I used pony beads (Found at any major craft store or online) and hot glued them on to resemble the pattern of an actual flag. Star buttons will also work.




To Make Flat Panel:

Double e-wrap cast on 19 Pegs for Knit UK or 16 Pegs for KK but the two pegs on each end are turn around only pegs (makes a clean edge).

For lefthanders like myself – Start on peg 19 or 16 and work towards start peg so that purling row will go from left to right.

E-wrap row one, Purl row 2 – garter set.

Start with red and alternate with white.

13 stripes (7 red, 6 white).

7 sets of garter stitch (ewrap/purl) or 14 rows total.

Cast on new color on an e-wrap row.

You should end on a red stripe.

Cast on blue and work 24 sets of garter or 48 rows total.


Leave a long tail for weaving later on the blue; cut.

Bind-off using scrap yarn for provisional bind-off; with 18″ scrap blue yarn bring through all loops on pegs as a gathered/drawstring bind-off. Take loops off loom and do not pull drawstring.

To tighten beginning loops from cast-on – these are optional but may help with original cast-on bulk.


Or using a crochet hook, tighten beginning loops from cast-on.


Place beginning red loops of cast-on onto the loom with the correct side of fabric facing the inside of the loom (no dotted line). Then place the blue loops that are on the scrap yarn on top of the red loops. Leave scrap yarn in! Knit over red loops over blue (bottom over top).

Using the rest of the scrap yarn, go back through the loops on pegs again as if to gather/drawstring bind-off.

Your panel is now connected and the wrong side will have a “dotted line” or thickness to it; this side will go against the Styrofoam ring.  Weave in remaining scrap strand or tie off and cut.


To sew onto ring:

On the back of the ring.

Start with blue and use remaining yarn or cut a long piece.

Line up colors and use mattress stitch to close.

Cut a long red and white piece and alternate sewing the colors and placing color that isn’t being used under the color you are sewing up to use later (or use the ends of each colored stripe if they are long enough).

Tuck in ends and use crochet hook as needed to hide them.

Add stars to blue part.


Back of wreath once sewn

Back of American Flag Wreath

Back of American Flag Wreath

Front of American Flag Wreath

Front of American Flag Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Follow same format except you can do any combination of colors that need to equal around 115 pairs of garter stitches or 230 rows total for the whole wreath or a 38 inch swatch. (Using carol simply soft yarn) – This estimate is only if you are using the garter stitch, you will need less rows if you only ewrap.

Note: Minus a couple rows to get an equal amount for each stripe should be okay.

You need to play around with numbers after you decide what to do but keep numbers close to the ones above for this size ring.


This pattern was created by Tracy Kelly. You may use and share this pattern as needed/wanted. I have made some great things using free patterns so I want to share my own for others to enjoy for free and without restrictions. Any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at and I would be glad to help.

Have fun and happy looming! J TK- June 2016





Pam Coleman

Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

While I would LOVE to try this pattern, I unfortunately have a terrible time just reading a pattern. I need to see it being done. But, I have done several of your video projects with wonderful success. Thank you for sharing.