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“It’s a Good Thing”…to think about

“It’s a Good Thing”…to think about
She can be unrealistic & unreal in so many ways BUT she is a savvy business woman who knows how to hire creative people.  FaveCrafts had a topic today: What do you think of Martha Stewart?

That got me thinking when reading other people’s comments. Several comments! Many people were either loving or bashing her.  Many were downright accusing her.  I do not know Ms Stewart.  No, I don’t buy everything she does, nor do I condone what she was imprisoned for many years ago. BUT…

 .. Again, she is a savvy business woman, she is tenacious.
 When you buy her things or buy into “her idea” I do think its unrealistic for people to get upset that she doesn’t give people credit and take the idea as her own since she is a BRAND.  That is essentially what a brand is.  It’s a conglomerate of many different people, departments and facilities coming together to have one face.  The face of her company happens to be her name.  She has her faults, as we all do, but cut the lady some slack.  She is a knockout entrepreneur who weighs in with the big boys!  Come on ladies…let’s support women in business!
 By the way, her price point may not be at the level you like but we constantly undersell ourselves!  We try to get everything cheap like when we export but then complain that the economy is bad with no jobs. I’m not trying to simply defend Martha Stewart.  I’m not a raging fan.  Forget what you know or have been told about her attitude or drive.  I just respect what she has built and choose to look at the things she makes and think about how fascinating and creative the people are who work for her company.  So when you see the Martha Stewart label, smile and think about the people feverishly creating so many new things behind the scenes.  They get to have a job where they get to create and celebrate creativity with excellence.  Maybe not every project is super simple, maybe some are too simple but there is a mass audience here with many skill and preference levels.  A CEO can’t sit around creating all day AND run a company.  …and THAT…is my two cents!-Kristen
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Thursday 19th of January 2012

I was wondering if you have made a purse on the long loom if you could please let me knowAngela