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Loom Knit Ice Skate Baby Booties

Loom Knit Ice Skate Baby Booties

Loom Knit Ice Skate Baby Booties

by Mandy Gignac

I was asked to make an Edmonton Oilers inspired baby set but had a vision of a better bootie than the classic slipper bootie that I normally make for babies. Since it was hockey inspired, I sat down determined to make this Loom knit Ice Skate Baby Bootie a reality. -Mandy


Ice Skate Baby Booties

by Mandy Gignac



Knitting Loom:

Round loom with 24 pegs. Green Loops & Threads loom was used for sample loom knit ice skate.



Main Color* – 1 skein of Royal Blue (or color of your choice); Super Bulky 6

Base of Shoe Color – 1/4 skein of White; Bulky 5

Blade Color – very little Grey; Bulky 5

Team Accent Edge* – very little Orange; Super Bulky 6.

*I used blue (main) and orange (accent) of  Lion’s Brand super bulky 6 because it went with my team theme!



Tapestry Needle, Knitting tool, ribbon to use as laces (length will just depend on your personal preference). Editor’s Note: Can use a chain of crochet in your accent color instead of ribbon.


Pattern Notes:


E-wrap Cast on 24 pegs, in the round,  in your BLADE (grey) color for the loom knit ice skate blade.

Row 1: e-wrap and knit over all pegs in BLADE color.

Row 2-5: switch (tie in) yarn to BASE OF SHOE (white) color and e-wrap and knit over all pegs.

Rows 6purl every peg

Rows 7 -15: switch yarn to blue (or MAIN color) garter stitch. NOTE: E-wrap Rows 7, 9, 11, 13, 15.  Purl Rows 8, 10, 12, 14.

*Now you’re going to take scrap yarn and thread it through pegs 1-8, with your loom pick or a yarn needle,  and take those loops off the loom. We’ll come back to those ones later. *TIP: Use a smooth type and contrasting color yarn to make the stitches easier to move and to see.

Row 16: You’ll now be knitting a flat panel (knitting back and forth across the rows). Your working yarn should be on peg 24 still. So you will now turn around skipping the first peg (peg 24) and continue your garter stitch for approximately 9 more rows if using a TEAM ACCENT color; ending after Row 24.  [For Bootie with NO TEAM ACCENT work garter for 12 more rows. Ending after Row 27.]

BEFORE YOU START *Note: To get a nice braided edge on both sides of your flat panel, you must skip the first peg at the beginning of every row, and on your purled rows you will end your row with an e-wrap not a purl. For the beginning of the row, this is also called slipping the first stitch.

Purl Rows: 16, 18, 20, 22, 24

E-Wrap Rows: 17, 19, 21, 23

Row 25: switch yarn to orange (or TEAM ACCENT Edge Color) and e-wrap entire row.

Row 26: Purl

Rows 27: E-wrap

Basic bind off for flat panel.


Tongue of Loom Knit Ice Skate:

  • Now you’re going to put the 8 loops we took off pegs 1-8 with scrap yarn back onto those 8 pegs; now pull out the scrap yarn.
  • With working yarn (MAIN color), you will continue on with your garter stitch for another 10 rows remembering our method stated above about the braided edges (skipping the first peg, and always e-wrapping the last peg in each row).

Basic bind off for flat panel, again.


You have just created the tongue on your ice skate.


Finishing Loom Knit Ice Skate Blade:

You will now tighten up your e-wrap cast on in the grey yarn by using a crochet hook. Work stitches 1 over one until reaching the beginning cast on tail.  The cast on stitches should be tight. (For help, watch this Video)

Thread a tapestry needle through that extra long tail now (acquired when tightening up your cast on) and pulling both sides of the grey together to form that “blade” portion, sew up your opening. (I did it twice tightly to make sure the opening was closed)

Your Ice Skate Bootie is almost complete!

The last and final step is to thread your ribbon through making them appear as laces. Make sure you thread the laces through the bootie and not the tongue so baby’s foot is secure!

Weave in and ends


We hoped you enjoy your Loom Knit Ice Skate Baby Bootie pattern by Mandy Gignac!


Editor’s note: Thank you so much to Mandy for sharing her pattern with our readers.  Be sure to give some love to Mandy! I hope you enjoy your Loom Knit Ice Skate Booties!  I can’t test and video all patterns but hope you enjoy seeing new designs and designers; be sure to add their project on Ravelry as well.  Please comment or leave a heart for Mandy below!  -Kristen   (Pattern Editor – Kristen Mangus)