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Nancy Adams | Meet a Loomer

Nancy Adams | Meet a Loomer

Nancy Adams is a loom knitter.  She has a story a bit similar to my own.  I read her blog.  It was a delight. I laughed knowingly and lovingly through with every word and wanted to feature her here and link her blog to you.


Here are a few of my favorite quotes from her article.  I love her writing style and look forward to more from her.  Read Nancy Adams cutie-patootie quotes and click to read the whole thing.  Find out if the cowl actually ate Upstate NY! LOL! Enjoy -Kristen

 Nancy Adams

“I mean, I’m obsessed with knitting. Loom knitting in particular, and I have a lot to say about it.”


“…mostly I love the peace of mind that comes from knitting. It’s my meditation, my Prozac, the thing that keeps my stress level in check and helps me escape into a wooly, snuggly world.”


“……Not being one to ignore the Walmart craft gods, I bought the loom and a few skeins of yarn along with a pallet of tissues and I was on my way.”….”It was love at first loom.”


“So I started with this:

16457360712_d72ffc5bf5_b“I wasn’t using a pattern I was just double knitting what would eventually turn into the biggest cowl in the history of cowls. This cowl could have starred in its own horror movie, “The Cowl that Ate Upstate NY.””


“So please join me in my adventures in loom knitting! It’s bound to be a great time. :)” – Nancy Adams


Nancy, mine was post-partem depression and I wanted to step back into learning again what family had taught decades before! LOL…and it WAS a walmart late at night.


Let’s join her shall we?! Click here to visit Nancy Adams blog.  Be sure to comment there and give her some GKK love!  Thanks Nancy. -Kristen


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