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March 19, 2015

Slinky Slouchy Hat |Loom

Slinky Slouchy! …Slouchy hats are all the rage – why not a super cute Slinky Slouchy for that special little one?!   Aruba Sea Slinky Slouchy Hat Designer: Jeanie Perez   Inspiration:  After looking at so many different styles of hats on GoodKnit Kisses and on Facebook I wanted to create a fun stylish pattern […]

January 18, 2015

Go Retro with the Bobble Button Newsboy Hat

Inside: Get the full Bobble Button Newsboy hat pattern in sizes for baby and adult woman. Go retro with a little flair, a little spring in your step, a little bobble-studded topper. The Bobble Button Newsboy hat has the classic style of a cloche and the edgy attitude of a newsboy. It’s like Downton Abbey […]