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Five Petal Flower | Loom Knit Pattern

Five Petal Flower | Loom Knit Pattern
five petal flower

Here is a sweet loom knit five petal flower that will have your knits smelling like roses!…or is it daisies? ha-ha! At any rate this super-sweet Five Petal Flower with button accent has got us all in a tizzy.  Check out the new pattern by Denice Johnson below.  Here is a little note from her first.  Welcome Denice! -Kristen Mangus


I wanted to create a flower that was simple to make and also has detail of a five petal flower. I liked the look of Isela Phelps’ flower headband so I came up with a pattern thats easy to follow and can be used on hats as an embellishment. -Denice Johnson



Design by Denice Johnson

Inspired by a knit flower by Isela Phelps. This is the perfect project for all those extra balls of yarn you have laying around.

Denice Johnson

Knitting loom:

12 peg flower loom


50 yards of 4 medium weight in Red Heart Super Saver in white or any color


Knitting tool

Tapestry needle


4 stitches and 6 rows to 1 inch


K=knit stitch

Pattern note:

Use one strand throughout entire project, pattern is worked in the round INSTRUCTIONS


Draw string cast on all 12 pegs, work in the round.
Rounds 1‐10: knit to the end of round.
Remove with basic bind off. Sew closed, give a little tug to set stitches.
Make 4 more Petals as instructed above.


Line up all 5 pieces side by side on a flat surface, on flat edge fold over so corner touch and place on needle. Repeat for remainder of petals. Run through the first petal again and pull tight. Turn over and sew the back in place, turn over to front side and add a accent button.

©2015, Denice Johnson

DOWNLOAD a copy of her pattern HERE: Five Petal Flower By Denice Johnson (Loom Knit Pattern)

Five Petal Flower

Five Petal Flower by Denice Johnson photo courtesy of and knit by Suzy Greenwell

We hope you enjoyed the Five Petal Flower for the loom.  Be sure to post a photo on social media and tag #DeniceJohnson or @GoodKnitKisses to spread the loomy love!

Happy Looming!!  -Kristen

(Editors notes: Use U-knit stitch and NOT an E-wrap stitch per Denise’s recommendation.  Pattern only altered slightly from Original file by Denice to fit format and style of GoodKnit Kisses and few grammatical corrections.)


Video loom along tutorial courtesy of permission by Denice Johnson.  Thank you Denice!


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Denice Johnson

I’m a mother of one. I started loom knitting after my son was born. I’m a stay at home mom and wanted to get into a new hobby. I Just happened to see a loom set at the store and grabbed it; have been loom knitting since.


  1. Deb 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for this video! So easy to understand & wonderful to see someone with a sense of humor😁
    Most of the tutorial videos are so mechanical. I’m a beginner & really enjoyed learning from you.

  2. Celeste Kiblin 1 year ago

    Good Morning. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter and videos. I tried the one on casting on for knitting last night. It was very helpful. Thank you.

  3. Amy Wallace 3 years ago

    If I wanted a smaller flower, could I just do fewer rows per petal? Or… that even possible?

    • Kristen Mangus
      Kristen Mangus 3 years ago

      That sounds reasonable for shorter petals. The width of the petals would be about the same but you could even roll them instead of fold for a smaller width and different look, too. 🙂

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