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Drop Stitch Cowl | Loom or Needle

Drop Stitch Cowl | Loom or Needle

Drop Stitch Cowl Pattern for Needles or Loom Knitting

Spring Vine Cowl

by Kristen Mangus

(Originally published December 24, 2014)


This drop stitch cowl pattern was inspired from my Spring Vine Infinity Scarf, written in 2012. The cowl can be knit on a loom or needles. Drop stitches used in this simple cowl remind me of vines in the spring and were the original inspiration. A super bulky, or thick-thin roving, type of yarn would be best for this project whether it is solid, tweed, color transitioning or intentionally color changed.


Follow instructions for Loom or Needle knitting your drop stitch cowl. If alternate directions are needed for needles, see instructions as {needle directions}. In PDF click links for technique videos.


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Drop Stitch Cowl

drop stitch cowl spring vine cowl

Tools –


Needles US size 13 circular needles



Loom 3/4″ Extra large gauge (XLG) Loom; CinDwood 3/4” XLG 40 peg Adult Hat loom or 42 peg Large Adult Hat Loom. Knitting Board Hat Loom in largest gauge with every other peg used sample. (For technique in Spring Vine Infinity Scarf, see video)

Alternate looms and sizes:

40 or 41 peg large plastic circular looms, KISS looms, Martha Stewart looms, etc.; Choose yarn to suit loom gauge; size of loom will change size of project. Repeat drop sections or garter stitch rows to increase the height for desired size.


128 yards each of Super Bulky 6 yarn; 2 skeins of Lion Brand Hometown USA. (1 skein Isaac Mizrahi® Craft™ Carlyle Yarn color Regis used in sample).



Needles – 2 ½ sts per in x 4 1/2 rows per in garter stitch pattern {34 rows total}

Loom – 2 ½ sts per in. Drop is 2″ in flat knit wrap (42 rows total); Drop is 2 ¼ in in E-wrap (34 rows total)



9 inches long x 23” circumference (11.5” drop)



CO – Cable Cast on {Needles video}(Loom video)

Knit – U-knit stitches or E-wrap for loom {Standard knit stitch}

P – Purl {Standard Purl}

YO – Yarn Over



Cable CO 42 {50}, join to work in the round

Round 1: Knit

Round 2: Purl

*Rep Rounds 1-2 five more times (3 times if using E-wrap for knit) {3 times only}


Drop stitch section pattern:

Round 3: Knit & YO 3 times on same peg {stitch}, repeat on all pegs {sts}

Round 4: Purl first stitch & take off all YO, repeat on all sts

Round 5: Knit

Round 6: Purl

Round 7: Knit

Round 8: Purl

Round 9 Knit

Round 10: Purl

**Rep Round 3-10 two more times (24 total drop st section)

*Rep Rounds 1-2 two times (1 more time only if using E-wrap for knit) {1 time only}

Bind off:

Stretchy Bind off or Crochet Bind off {Bind off Loosely}

Cut & weave in tails.


Enjoy your Drop Stitch Cowl!!

This video tutorial shows the longer infinity scarf version!



Wednesday 22nd of December 2021

Will this be wearable if made on a 24 peg 3/4th inch gage loom?