June 15, 2015

5 Stitch Blanket | Loom Knit

5 Stitch Blanket is a scaled version of the 10 Stitch Blanket!

New Video is out!

How to Loom Knit 5 Stitch Blanket on the new Zippy loom from KB (Knitting Board). Have you tried the 10 Stitch blanket? This video will walk you through a 10 or 5 stitch blanket. Create a Bulky blanket or even a rug with the Zippy 5 Stitch Blanket. Uses Super Bulky # 6 yarn, Jumbo #7 or even t-shirt yarn!

Original pattern by Frankie Brown here
Loom Conversion by Charity at with color charts too. Change colors on corners or straight sections for different designs/looks.

Please take a look at Frankie’s charity close to her heart to honor her giving free patterns! The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation. Knitters can donate by going to  It’s a great cause and you can leave a note for Frankie on the page when you find out more. Thanks so much!


Zippy Loom Knit | 5 Stitch Blanket

Pattern is inspired via original Ten Stitch Pattern from Frankie Brown then converted to loom by Charity Windham (w/ permission). Adapted for the Zippy by Kristen Mangus. A few years ago I was given permission via Charity & Frankie to make a video but my archives had a mishap. Still working on a fix but was excited to try the new Zippy from KnittingBoard!

Zippy Loom by KB used in sample (

Video Timestamps (I recommend watching it through the first time):

1:00 Putting together Zippy & Chain cast on 5
3:00 Row 1 (Sk, U-knit 3, HS) & Row 2 (SK, Purl 3, HS) and repeat till length of 9 ridges for a rectangle
5:12 Counting Garter Ridges
6:20 Corner Part 1 (wrapping and turning here)
9:27 Corner Part 2 (wrapping and turning here)
12:32 Repeat Corner Part 1 & Part 2. (only time you repeat 1& 2).
18:16 **Identify & Connecting the Edge stitches; “pick up side stitches” (I nicknamed it a “Straight-away”)**
20:30 Marking a corner with stitch marker; used in placing later & knowing which stitches to place.
24:02 Corner Part 1 & Part 2 (not a double)
29:29 Add yarn with color change (video instruct to continue straight away and then meet back for next corner using stitch marker.
30:50 **Make corner using stitch marker for corner. Use this as reference! Makes Corner Part 1 & Part 2.**
35:57 Best place to Bind Off. Bind-Off shown


Chain Cast on from stitches 5 toward 1. “Start” peg is called Peg 1 after the cast on. The “Start” peg for right-handed is on the far left, so count from the left over to the right to the 5th stitch and begin chain cast on toward peg 1 on the left. Opposite for left-handed. Purl stitches will be more comfortable!


2 Zippy Looms (need 5 pegs +1 for a holding peg on a PSSO


Jumbo #7, Super Bulky #6 or Bulky #5; at least 3-4 balls of ruffle yarn for an AG Doll blanket size; add for larger.


Loom hook, crochet hook (or use fingers for cast on), 1-4 large closable stitch markers

Looms at:
Jo-Anns (Currently found in some stores near end-caps)
Hobby Lobby
Paradise Fibers

Loom info:

C2C Loom Guage is 1 1/2″ (1.5 inches)

NOTE: Affiliate links above with COUPONS.  This are for GKK fans to save and also helps my family, too! 🙂



ATTENTION 10 stitch blanket knitters! Kelly Highland- Einhorn, from our GKK Loom Knit Club on Facebook, has created a super helpful Checklist to use as you knit.

Click here to DOWNLOAD your FREE 10 Stitch Blanket Checklist.



Thanks for reading, watching and supporting!


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  1. One more question. I’ve been picking up my chain stitches on peg 11, then PSSO on peg 10. I am getting a beautiful seam from doing this, but I’m wondering why I am not simply placing the chain stitch on peg 10, then knitting 3 over 1. Like with my question above, I’m guessing it has to do with the half stitch on 10. But I can’t see the technical reason for doing it your way.

    Other than these two technical questions, I love the pattern. Your version is definitely my favorite. The 10 stitch blanket was the very first pattern I saw on Ravelry when I started loom knitting. It was too complicated for me at the time, but now that I understand knitting a bit more, this is a wonderful, easy project. Thanks for so many great resources.

    • Hi Kris! You are welcome to try and test a swatch to see what works for you. This is simply the technique(s) used to achieve the result I got. The main thing is consistency in what you choose and if you like the result you get. If those work for you then go for it! 🙂

  2. I’m using the basics of this for my three stitch blanket. I like doing the half stitch on each row – thanks for the idea. But I was wondering, on the second part of the corner, when you have three wraps on peg 4 and two wraps on peg 5, why do you knit across instead of doing a W&T on peg 5? Is there a need to cut out that extra row? I’m assuming I’ll need to do this on pegs 9 and 10 of my blanket, but I’m unsure why.

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