June 19, 2015

Loom Knit Five Stitch Blanket

Five Stitch Blanket

five stitch blanket on Zippy loom

The Five Stitch Blanket Pattern on the knitting loom is here for that Jumbo and Super Bulky yarn in your stash!

Pattern to Loom Knit a Five Stitch Blanket. Pattern revised for following corners row by row and revised cleaner edge.

Loom Knit Five Stitch Blanket | Pattern

Version by Kristen Mangus

June 12, 2015

Original Design by Frankie Brown

Loom Conversion by Charity Windham

A version of the Ten Stitch Blanket originally designed by Frankie Brown. This version was intended for Jumbo gauge loom measuring 1 1/2″ center to center peg with a peg circumference of 2 1/2″, specifically the Zippy loom from KB. A video tutorial was made and will show techniques in the following pattern (

Please take a look at Frankie’s charity close to her heart to honor her giving free patterns! The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation. Knitters can donate by going to It’s a great cause and you can leave a note for Frankie on the page when you find out more. Thanks so much!


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loom knit five stitch blanket

Five Stitch Blanket


Use any gauge loom. Need minimum 6 pegs. 5 main working pegs; 6th is used for pick up stitch. Zippy Loom by KB used in sample (


Use appropriate yarn for loom gauge (or hold multiple strands as one as needed).


On Zippy Loom sample, With Ruffle Yarn sample measures roughly 4 stitches = 3″ and 9 garter ridges = 5 3/4″


[For alternate loom to try that gauge used two pegs as one on a 31 peg loom for the five stitch blanket.  So use 10 pegs for a 5 stitch blanket.  The 31 peg loom used in the sample is a knotty Knitter with a regular C2C peg spacing of 11/16″ LG Large Gauge or use similar loom. Yarn used in other test sample was Super Bulky acrylic- Premier Yarns Mega. Super Bulky 6.  Thank you to Heather Clark DuLuard for her feedback and valuable contribution! Her width is a snitch under 3″ for 4 stitches and 9 ridges are about 5 1/4″, so just a small variance under the zippy with a Super Bulky Yarn.]


Use favorite Cast on, with working yarn ending at desired peg 1.

Tip: For right handed knitters, peg one should be on the left. For left handed knitters, peg one should be on the right. This will work even rows with purl stitch going in a more comfortable direction.

Five Stitch Blanket will work up as a rectangle with directions below. Change in brackets [ ] use for a square blanket.


K – Knit (U-knit or True Knit/reverse purl)

P – Purl

S – Slip stitch (Skip this stitch; do NOT wrap the peg. First stitch is a turning peg & not worked; To slip in the middle of a row, do not work the stitch. Simply run working yarn behind the pegs and work next peg as called).

HS – Half stitch (end peg and end of row to imitate a chain on edge of panel; bring working yarn around back of peg, around last stitch to front on top and knit over.)

W&T – Wrap & Turn (Pick up this stitch, place working yarn behind peg and bring yarn to front. Place stitch on same peg. Change direction to “turn” and work in the opposite direction; this is a short row technique).

Pick up & Knit – Pick up chain stitch from edge and knit. (This will be done on Peg 6 of this pattern).

PSSO – Pass slipped stitch over. (Place the stitch before on the peg with the stitch before that was slipped. Lift the bottom loop over the top to pass the slipped stitch over).

Pick up & Place Corner – This technique note is NOT used on first double corner only but on all corners after; including 1st cast on corner to have a clean join. (Note this is a method from Charity’s advice and is not written in the original or “revisited” pattern).

Main Pattern:

Row 1: S 1, K pegs 2 – 4, HS peg 5

Row 2: P pegs 4 – 2, HS peg 1

Rows 3 – 18, repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have completed 9 garter ridges [10 rows total or 5 garter ridges for a square blanket alternate].

Double Corner:

Work Corner Part 1 & Corner Part 2, two times total to make a Double Corner. This is the only time you’ll do this. (see instructions below for Corners Row by Row)

Attach the Strip:

Work back along the side of the original garter ridges attaching your strip as you go following a two row pattern (The “pick up & knit” will be picking up the chain from the edge onto peg 6):

Row 1: S peg 1, K pegs 2 – 4 , S peg 5, Pick up & Knit 1 chain stitch (on peg 6) from the side of the knitting. It will be two edge stitches that look like a chain; pick up both (u-knit 2 over 1 and place on peg 5), PSSO (lift bottom loop over top).

Row 2: P pegs 4 – 2, HS peg 1

Continue Rows 1 – 2 until very last stitch before making a corner. When you reach the next corner (a placed stitch marker will tell you), work a single corner (corner part 1 & corner part 2 work one time only). Continue Rows 1 – 2 and knit along the next side of the strip.

Your next steps are:

Make Corner Part 1, Corner Part 2, Attach Strip then repeat until desired size.

Finishing your Five Stitch Blanket:

That’s it! Now just keep going until you are bored or run out of yarn.

When you are ready to end, just do a basic bind off. (TIP: To finish with bind off lined up straight with corner edge; knit until the last stitch before making a corner and start bind off from here. This is when you are at a “pick up & knit” then PSSO. Start bind off. Right handed will bind off to the left and vice versa.)

Depending on where you decide to stop, the finished blanket will be a square, a rectangle, or neither of the above with a sticky-out bit on one side. This is nice and easy knitting with an occasional corner to keep you interested so have fun with it.

Weave in tails and enjoy your Five Stitch Blanket!

Row by Row Instructions for the Corner

Corner Part 1:

Row 1: S peg 1, Knit pegs 2 – 4, Wrap & Turn peg 5. {After first double corner made only, Pick up & Place Corner on peg 5 here on all Corner Part 1’s; See minute 30:50 on video.}

Row 2: S, Purl pegs 4 – 2, HS peg 1

Row 3: S, K pegs 2 – 3, W&T peg 4

Row 4: P pegs 3 – 2, HS peg 1

Row 5: S, K peg 2, W&T peg 3

Row 6: P peg 2, HS peg 1

Row 7: W&T peg 2, HS peg 1


Corner Part 2:

Row 8: Wrap & Turn peg 2 (peg 2 will now have 3 loops on it), Half Stitch peg 1

Row 9: Slip, Knit peg 2 (lift all 3 loops over as one; PLACE MARKER on stitches knit – pick up last two stitches, behind the peg, and place closable marker around these two stitches together as one. This marks the “Pick up & Place Corner” used later on Row 1 of Corner Part 1), Wrap & Turn peg 3

Row 10: P peg 2, HS peg 1

Row 11: S, K pegs 2 – 3, W&T peg 4

Row 12: P pegs 3 – 2, HS peg 1

Row 13: S, K pegs 2 – 4, W&T peg 5

Row 14: P pegs 4 – 2, HS peg 1

Row 15: S, K pegs 2 – 5 (Yes, knit peg 4 with 3 loops and peg 10 with 2 loops)

Row 16: P pegs 4 – 2, HS peg 1

Watch the full tutorial below!


Enjoy your Five Stitch Blanket!  We’d love to see your project on Ravelry, send us a message or let us know so we can feature your work 🙂

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Five Stitch Blanket

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    May I ask which row(s) actually create the “corner” (like the honest corner tip)? You say in your video to mark the corner, but when I go to do so it seems it could be one of two (not terribly distinct), and it’s a crap shoot to me. I thought if I knew which row it was then I could mark it as I do that row and have piece of mind. (I’m guessing 7 & 8?) Additionally, one of the comments on the video was that the variegated yarn messed with one’s vision and made it more difficult. I whisper my concurrence (as I am also using variegated yarn).

    • Avatar

      Okay, I found the answer to my initial question in the written instructions, but then that opened a whole ‘nuther can of worms.

      In the written instructions you have the corners taking 16 rows (because you W&T peg 5); however, in the video it only takes 14 rows as you knit peg 5 at the same time as peg 4 without the wrap and turn. Which is correct, and would that change the placement of the corner stitch marker? Does it even truly matter? (Like my blanket seems a bit bunchy, but maybe it’s due to yarn or not blocking?)

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