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A Pound a Gulp: Day 9 Weekend Recap & Favorite Recipes

A Pound a Gulp: Day 9 Weekend Recap & Favorite Recipes

So far I’ve lost 16 pounds! So last you heard from me I was going to start straining and see what happened Saturday as far as weight loss.  Well I have to say that I was discouraged Saturday (Day 7).  I got on the scale and GAINED a 1/2 pound.  I was discouraged and my sister encouraged me to keep going.  I was doing great and it will balance out very soon.

Saturday I went to the grocery store and got more produce. Taking along my juice recipes that I got on I bought things for about 4 recipes and some of my own.  I had to get milk, bread & cereal for the kids but produce filled my cart, granted it was small being that the cart was one shaped like a car since my kiddo was “driving” it.  The young check out girl asked, “What’s with all the produce?!”  I was a little shocked at first but then I chuckled at myself.  I’m not a big produce buyer normally but I thought…don’t people buy produce normally?  Ha-ha! Probably not as much as I just did. Using the opportunity I told her I was juicing raw fruits and veggies and has lost 12 lbs since last Sunday.  She was shocked of course ask asked me more and wanted to know if it was a detox.  I explained it is a detox in the beginning and also used for weight-loss and getting healthy. Many keep juicing one meal a day, like breakfast to stay healthy.  I have a couple of friends that they do that and now forgo health insurance since they never have to see a doctor!  The film (Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead) I explained, shows you mostly what I’m doing an she said she’ll watch and try it too for detox!  This girl looked great to me.  She was probably 21 or 22 and looked slim.  Size doesn’t equate healthy though.  You can be a skinny chain-smoker, drinker & eat terrible things but have such a metabolism that you can’t tell what is happening to your body on the inside.   My size was my warning but what about those other people that find themselves diagnosed with something terrible and they didn’t “see” the signs?  This is about my health overall.  Yes I would like to look & feel good about myself but I want to be there for my husband and kids! I did want to say before the store trip we went to a fundraising event around lunch time for baby Avery.  I did cheat with a pinch of a cookie and a few fresh fruits. All in all I did really well with the crazy temptations all around me.

Sunday I woke up and weighed.  15 pounds lost so far! Wooo-hooo!!!  Thanks sis for encouraging me!  I gulped my new favorite morning drink and headed to church. (The recipe will be posted at the end). I also had found the day before something called Green Machine from Naked Juice.  They had a bunch of other Naked juice blends of fruit but this one had vegetables, too.  Knowing we were going to venture out after I packed us both that juice in a thermal bag. We ended up at my parents for a very healthy lunch and I ended up actually eating some solid food.  I had about a 2″x2″ square of roast chicken and 3 small broccoli florets.  I still had my Naked Juice but it was really super sweet so I went ahead and some something.  My oldest decided she wanted to make a pie with my mom for her grandfather.  We ended up taking to her great grandfather’s house and I caved again.  I had 2 bites of very delicious lemon meringue pie!! I did stop myself but for dinner I ended up eating about a dozen strawberries and water. I’m not sure if I’ll regret it but my portions were incredibly small.  I was shocked at the will power I had shown.  I could have just caved and eaten way more.  Even with the healthy items it was shocking I didn’t eat more. Before bed I made two more juices.  Straining was a real pain and I’m MUST get a real juicer soon.  I was so tired from the ordeal I went to be at 8pm.  That is not like me as I stay up till midnight most night…or later!

Monday (Day 9): I lost one more pound!  I drank my juice for the morning and packed my lunch juice.  I LOVE this new recipe!  I can actually say this one is tasty. I’m feeling pretty good and, if I can get a juicer soon, I think I can take this to 15 days.  This weekend is both of my daughters double birthday pool party and I’m not sure what I’ll do quite yet.  I really want to partake and enjoy in the food or at least the cake.  I do know that I can bring a cooler so I have no excuse.  Give me your vote below…I truly would like to stay on the juice but I’m thinking a tiny piece of cake would be okay or even a veggie pizza.  The pizza may be overboard…

Thanks for tuning in! -Kristen

Here are my favorite recipes for those who have asked.  I’ll post more as I discover them.

Kristen’s Cantaloupe
1/2 cantaloupe
1 peeled cucumber
a fist of spinach
Add 1 1/2C of water (ice optional) if blending.  You cannot taste the spinach at all! (I substituted with Honeydew and it was okay but I like the taste of the Cantaloupe better)

Lunch or Dinner: (has a bit of sweet to it. This is 1 beet less than the RebootYourLife recipe)
Sunset Blend Juice
1 large sweet potato (I peeled mine)
1 medium carrot (I used a large juicing size)
1 Red Bell Pepper (cored)
1 Beet
2 Golden Delicious Apples (I used Granny Smith)
1 Orange (peeled; optional but I used it)
Add 1 – 1 1/2Cup of water if blending and strain

GoodKnit Kisses

Tuesday 2nd of August 2011

I definitely am against the beets. I had a bad beet mistake on day one and it's taken ten days for me to like them even a little. I used to love a canned beet. I though try the fennel. How do you purchase that? Is it on a stalk or stem? How do you juice it? Thanks for the response and great job on your loss!!! JUICE ON!


Monday 1st of August 2011

oooo....thanks Kristen. I've been wondering about the Sunset Blend and was planning to try it tonight. I've found that often I have to reduce the beets to make it palatable for me. My fav so far is the cucumber, fennel, spinach, celery one. It is yummy! Good job on the weight loss. I'm on day 6 and at 13 pounds. Finally starting to feel a bit better. Days 3-5 were HARD!