July 6, 2018

C2C Interactive Crochet Calculators

C2C Interactive Crochet Calculators

C2C afghans and graphghans are wildly popular and with good reason.  It’s a great technique that looks difficult, but is actually simple.  If you want to follow an existing chart, but don’t have the same yarn or want to change the size you need to know how big your finished project will be.  That’s what the C2C Interactive Crochet Calculators are all about!

There’s two calculators: one to tell you the finished size of specific graph and the other to tell you how many squares you need reach a certain size.  That second is just what you need if you want to make your own graph to crochet!

But before you use the calculator you need to make a swatch.  Yeah, I know nobody likes swatches, but in this case a few minutes of time can save you loads of headaches later.  Check out Kristen’s How to Crochet Corner to Corner lesson if you need to learn the basics first.

All you need is a basic 5 x 5 swatch.  Here’s mine:

C2C Interactive Crochet Calculators Swatch Image

Although it’s a square you crochet a C2C on the diagonal.  Looking at the C2C Basic Square below I rotated the swatch so you can see how it looks as you are working on it.

I started at the bottom and worked each row back and forth.  For the first half I increased at the beginning of every row until I reached the halfway point.  Then I decreased at the beginning of every row until I reached the opposite corner.

C2C Interactive Crochet Calculators Swatch with grid overlay


The following diagram shows you exactly how the square is constructed using the same perspective.

C2C Interactive Crochet Calculators Swatch Increase Decrease Chart


Download fully notated charts for both right and left handed crocheters that even show the direction you’re working:
Right-handed Swatch Chart

Left-handed Swatch Chart


C2C Corner to Corner Interactive Crochet Calculators PIN Image

C2C Interactive Crochet Calculators

Corner to Corner afghans and graphghans are wildly popular and with good reason!   They are a simple way to turn any picture graph into an afghan.  Their unique corner to corner, or c2c as it’s commonly abbreviated, construction makes them a fun, easy project.  I’ve developed this C2C Interactive Crochet Calculator to help you plan your next project.

Make a 5 x 5 swatch with the yarn and hook you plan to use for your project and the calculators will do the rest.

1.How many squares in my graphghan?

The first calculator will need your swatch information and how large you want your finished afghan to be.  Then it will tell you how many squares across and down you will need to crochet to reach your desired size.  That’s just what you need to know to make a custom C2C graphghan!

2. How big will my graphghan end up?

The second calculator is designed to help you predict the finished size of your project if you already have the graph you want to use.  Enter the measurements of your swatch and how many squares across and down are shown on your graph and the calculator will tell you how big the finished project will end up.  Isn’t it better to know if your lap blanket is going to end up big enough to be a bedspread before you get half way through?


Watch the video below to see how to use the C2C Interactive Crochet Calculators!

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    I don’t understand the calculator. Can it be used to determine a place mat design?.

  2. Avatar

    I have a mini c2c graphgan that I’m going to be starting. My swatch is 3″ x 3″. I have 5678 blue, 1225 white and 497 orange for the pattern. How do I calculate how many skeins of each color I’ll need?

  3. Avatar

    I am so dumbfounded. I had written down my calculations and now I cant find them.
    I am doing a toddler size c2c in 3 colors I know I have to do 4 grows of each color but how many of each color or squares do I have to make for the blanket. Please help I have the 1 pound lion brand yarn. Thank you

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    cannot find the calculator……..please advise
    thank you

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    i can’t see the calculator.

    • Avatar

      I can’t either. I posted that I couldn’t see it on May 19th. Then, I went in again and it was there. Tonight I tried many times to find it, but it just won’t show up. Don’t know what’s going on.

  6. Avatar

    What happen to the calculator? It was on this page yesterday. Now, it is not here?

    • Joann Gay

      It’s working for me. We’ve been having some issues with the calculators not showing up occasionally. I am working on figuring out the exact cause of this issue and will keep you updated.

    • Avatar

      Almost one year later to the day and I’m having this same issue!

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    Where is the link or download of C2C Interactive Calculator?

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    Love this! I did my own calculator too – so helpful! Thank you.

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    This was an awesome series. Thank You Kristen and Joann for all your hard work.

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