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Caterpillar Cocoon & Hat | Loom

Caterpillar Cocoon & Hat | Loom

A caterpillar cocoon for your sweet new baby with a matching hat.  This caterpillar cocoon, by Mary Burke, was written for loom knitting and iconic of my own son’s favorite book as countless others.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We hope you enjoy this free pattern. – Kristen Mangus

Caterpillar Cocoon & Hat

Designed by: Mary Burke

The Very Hungry Caterpillar book was one of my favorites that I read to my preschoolers when I taught preschool. It’s one of my favorites still today.

My inspiration was my new grandson.  After seeing many versions of a knit or crochet caterpillar cocoon & hat posted on the internet, which reminded me of the caterpillar cocoon in the book, I wanted to make one for my grandson.   I do not knit or crochet but I do loom knit so I decided to make one on a loom. It was simpler than I thought. Here’s how I created my version of the Caterpillar Cocoon & Hat. – Mary



41 peg Round Loom-Cocoon (13/16″ XLG – Knifty Knitter used in sample)

24 peg Round Loom-Hat (5/8″ LG – Knifty Knitter used in sample)

5 peg Spool Loom (3/4″ XLG – Boye used in sample)




Red Heart soft- Really Red

Antennas: Lion Brand Heartland- 147 Hot Springs

Eyes: Red Heart soft Guacamole, Yellow 6 strand embroidery floss

Nose: Lion Brand Tweed Stripes Ozarka Forest


Lion Brand Heartland-Glacier Bay

Red Heart Soft-Guacamole

Lion Brand Tweed Stripes Ozarka Forest

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice-Sweet Pea



Yarn Needle

Knitting tool


Crochet hook size 6/6 4.25mm (Boye used in sample)

Large eye sewing needle

Hot glue gun (or small metal needle and thread to sew on eyes & nose)



Loom Knit i-cord on the Spool Loom

Modified Gathered bind off

Crochet 6 Stitch Magic Circle



ew – e-wrap

p – purl




The following pattern is laid out to complete the hat, then antennas, then eyes & nose.  This includes instructions to attach.  Below is the caterpillar cocoon pattern should you want to skip ahead.



(Rolled Brim)

24 peg loom -2 strands of Yarn

Cast On:

ew cast on

Rows 1-25: ew & knit over all pegs

Cut your working yarn to 12 inches

Cast off:

Modified Gathered Bind Off   and weave in ends. Hat length approx. 5 1/2″ (5.5 inches).



Loom Knit i-cord on the Spool Loom

Cast On: Double ew cast on all 5 pegs in the round.

Row 1 – 12: ew stitch 12 rows on the small end of the loom,

Cast off: drawstring cast off (gathered bind off).

Make 2. Antennae will be approximately 3 1/4″ (3.25″ inches) long.

Shape Antennas & attach to hat:

Thread the yarn needle, run the top yarn tail through the middle of the antenna coming out near the bottom yarn tail.  You can pull the yarn tail to shape the antenna into a slight curve if you like.

Thread the yarn needle with the 2 tails at the bottom of the antenna & insert the needle through the top of the hat, do the same for the other antenna (about 1 ¼”apart). Turn the hat inside out & stitch into place.


Eyes & Nose:

1 strand of yarn

Eyes – Make 2 eyes.

I crocheted magic circles – Crochet 6 Stitch Magic Circle.

Thread your large eyed sewing needle with the 6 strand embroidery floss, so now its 12 strands because it’s doubled, blanket stitch around each eye using the yellow embroidery thread.

Nose: Follow the same procedure for the 6 stitch magic circle except I only did four stitches & then drew it up it made more of an oval shape.

Attaching eyes and nose to hat:

Place a piece of waxed paper or something inside the hat just in case the glue seeps into the inside, using the glue gun  place a little bit of  hot glue to the backside of the eyes one at a time & place in the desired area of the hat, do the same for the nose. Be sure to keep any loose yarn or thread behind the eyes & nose when gluing. I kept my glue away from the edges of the eyes & nose because when you press down the glue will spread, you don’t want glue showing around the outside edges of your eyes & nose.

(Editorial note: You can also sew these on with a metal needle and thread. Also if you cannot crochet try using felt for the face).

hungry caterpillar cocoon by mary burke

Caterpillar Cocoon

41 peg loom use 2 strand of yarn held together as one.

Cast On: ew cast on all pegs

Rows 1-9: ew & knit over all pegs using glacier bay yarn

Row 10: ew & knit over using guacamole yarn

Rows 11-13: p all pegs using guacamole yarn

Rows 14 -17: ew & knit over using guacamole yarn

Rows 18-27: ew & knit over using ozarka yarn

Row 28: ew & knit over using sweet pea yarn

Rows 29-30:  p all pegs using sweet pea yarn

Rows 31-40: ew & knit over using sweet pea yarn

Rows 41-48: ew & knit over all pegs using glacier bay yarn

Row 49: ew & knit over using guacamole yarn

Rows 50-51: p all pegs using guacamole yarn

Rows 52-57: ew & knit over using guacamole yarn

Rows 58-67: ew & knit over using ozarka yarn

Rows 68-72: ew & knit over using guacamole yarn

Cast Off: 

Use Modified Gathered Bind Off  & weave in ends. Caterpillar Cocoon approx. 18.5″ (inches).


I hope you enjoyed making the Caterpillar Cocoon & Hat!


Caterpillar Cocoon & Hat



Editor’s Note: The Caterpillar Cocoon and Hat has not been tested yet by GKK.  Conversions to other looms are not tested.  Please leave comments if you have success with other looms and would like to help fellow loomers.  Thanks! -Kristen (A special thank you to our editor Carol Lilydot!!)


Monday 14th of November 2016

I love this! When I try it using my Knifty Knitter, the entire thing looks super loose and hole-y. How do you get a tighter knit? Mine looks HUGE compared to this one!


Monday 30th of December 2019

Hi Kristy, I read your comment before I started my first one. I also thought mine was large and holey. But as I added more and more rows and my first rows got further and further away from the loom I noticed the knit stitches loosening. The “braid” of the stitch widened and the “ladder” of the stitch got narrow. I think when i take the project off the loom and it relaxes, it will look just like the picture in the instructions. Jenny

Marie Erickson

Sunday 27th of August 2017

Kristy, did you use one or two strands of yarn throughout? It is holey if you use a single strand. With two strands, it makes it a tighter weave.