April 1, 2015

Chevron Ear Warmer | Needle Knit

The Chevron Ear Warmer is a pretty lace pattern that will provide warmth needed on those chilly mornings out walking the dog, going for a run or on the archery range. Meet Jaimie Lingle and her pattern The Chevron Ear Warmer. -GKK Team

Chevron Ear-warmer

Designer: Jaimie Lingle

I am a bit of an archery buff, and the main time I have to go to the range is in the wee hours on a Sunday morning before my family wakes up.  It tends to be pretty chilly then, especially since the range I shoot at is next to a river.  Unfortunately store-bought women’s ear-warmers are either too frilly or just too small for me.  I couldn’t find a free pattern that was quite what I was looking for, so I decided to make my own. I had just completed a pair of ‘lace’ fingerless mitts and got the chevron inspiration for my Chevron Ear Warmer. -Jaimie Lingle


Single-point knitting needles, size 6 (4.5mm)

(Notes to Loom Knitters: Use a Fine Gauge – Small Gauge loom & make a test swatch. Use the U knit stitch. Even rows make the opposite stitch ex. purl instead of knit, etc.)

FG = Fine Gauge (1/4″) = Equiv. Needle 3-6 (3.5 mm – 4 mm/4.25 mm)

SG = Small Gauge (5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″) = Equiv. Needle 6-8 (4 mm/4.25 mm – 5 mm/5.25 mm

See link for help on loom gauge.



1/4 skein of 4-ply worsted-weight yarn. Unfortunately colour and brand used for sample are unknown.



Tapestry Needle, row counter



24 stitches and 48 rows on 4 x 4 inches swatch



k1: knit 1 stitch

yo: yarn over

k2t: knit 2 stitches together

ssk: slip slip knit


Pattern Notes:

Cast on 10 stitches.

Stockinette stitch for 9 rows (Stockinette – all knits on RS & purl WS).

On row 10: k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k2, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1. You should have 18 stitches at this point.

Stockinette stitch rows 11-20.


Begin chevron pattern:

*Row 1: k8, k2t, yo, k8

Row 2: knit

Row 3: k6, ssk, yo, k2, yo, ssk, k6

Row 4: knit

Row 5: knit 4, ssk, yo, k6, yo, ssk, k4

Row 6: knit

Row 7: k2, ssk, yo, k10, yo, ssk, k2

Repeat from * 8 times

Knit 1 row.


Begin reverse chevron pattern:

*Row 1: k2, ssk, yo, k10, yo, ssk, k2

Row 2: knit

Row 3: k4, ssk, yo, k6, yo, ssk, k4

Row 4: knit

Row 5: k6, ssk, yo, k2, yo, ssk, k6

Row 6: knit

Row 7: k8, k2t, yo, k8

Repeat from * 8 times

Stockinette stitch for 10 rows.

Row 11: k1, k2t, k2t, k2t, k2t, k2t, k2t, k2t, k2t, k1

Stockinette stitch for 9 rows.

Bind off with long tail. To finish, stitch ends together & weave in tails.

Total length: 17″ (un-stretched) on The Chevron Ear Warmer.

Jaimie Lingle




Editor’s notes: We hope you enjoy making The Chevron Ear Warmer.  Please note that Kristen has not tested the pattern. -Edited by Carol Lilydot.

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Jaimie Lingle
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Jaimie Lingle is a married mother of four 2-legged babies and two 4-legged babies and loves to cover them in all things knitted.

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