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Closed Captioning Project | GKK Community

Closed Captioning Project | GKK Community

GoodKnit Kisses Closed Captioning Project

One of my goals for the GoodKnit Kisses YouTube channel is to add closed captioning to all my videos.  I want to make my craft videos accessible to everyone.  With over 400 videos this a huge project.  I mentioned the need in a live broadcast and YOU responded with an outpouring of love and offers to help.  The GKK Closed Captioning Project was born out of your generosity.  Thank you!!!

To facilitate this project I asked Joann Gay to create a Google Sheet with a list of videos that most need closed captioning.  They are ranked in order of popularity, but you are free to choose any video on the list.  You can see the Title, Length and Link to the video.  If you have limited time, even tackling a 5 minute video is a huge help.  More time?  There are some lengthy 1+ hour loom along videos too.

To contribute your time and skills:

  1. Follow this link to the GKK Closed Captioning Project spreadsheet.
  2. Choose the video you would like to caption.  The video title and length are included to help you decide.
  3. Add your Name, the Date and change the Status to “In Progress”, then click the video link to open the video in a new tab. (NOTE: In Google Sheets the actually link will be in a clickable popout box above the cell. Odd, I know, but it’s how they handle links.)Closed Captioning Project
  4. The captioning screen will open and you are ready to begin!Closed Captioning Project
  5. When you finish the captions, please go back to the spreadsheet and change the video Status to “Finished”.

If you have any questions please ask. I want to make this process as smooth for you as I can.

Many, many thanks for helping add Closed Captions to the videos!!