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Easy Crochet Along Cowl with your Hand or Finger

Easy Crochet Along Cowl with your Hand or Finger

Make a super quick cowl with your hand & fabulous yarn in less than 20 minutes! Red Heart Boutique has a new yarn called Dash. It is a knit tube (also called an I-cord).  Save time for a quick handmade gift for you or a friend with this gorgeous yarn.

Yarn in video: 1 hank 3929 Mountain (the earth tones)
Yarn in photo: 1 hank 3944 Meadow (the green tones)
Yarn on my mom: 1 hank 3939 Twilight (blues/purples – Makes me think of Twilight Sparkle, LOL)

OR make your own finger knit tube out of a Red Heart Yarn, like Treasure, and you’ll have something stunning! Here is my video on how to finger knit

The pattern is inside the label of Red Heart Boutique Dash or follow along from start to finish with this video tutorial.  (Or this link here Let’s crochet!

I’m more of a beginner crochet person, in this video, and can do this easily.  The foundation row is a bit funny when starting, but once you get the hang of it you will be flying!  Have fun.

Happy Crafting!!
Kristen Mangus
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How to Finger Knit by Kristen Mangus

Patterns for sale:
Cowl-lick Knitwear a miniponcho Triangle Cowl
Chic Retreat Cowl
Striped Afghan on S loom
Slouchy Newsboy Hat (with alternate for no slouch)
Twisted Keyhole Scarflette or Scarf Double Knit (unisex all ages)
Mossy Earflap Hat (specify for infant or toddler)
Ribbed Banded Beanie with 4 point flower top (EASY)

Our other Red Heart Boutique yarn video for making a rope scarf is all the rage, try it now!

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