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Easy Loom Knit Flower Earrings

Easy Loom Knit Flower Earrings

Easy Loom Knit Flower Earrings

Check out these cute and easy loom knit flower earrings made with Marly Bird’s new Red Heart yarn Chic Sheep! They are really easy and don’t need many tools. Even if you haven’t loom knit before I take you through all the steps. You don’t need a bunch of jewelry tools either.

Marly Bird at Creativation

I saw Marly Bird at the Creativation event in January and grabbed a sample of her new Chic Sheep yarn.  I love it!!  It inspired to me take my loom knit Flower Bracelet pattern and turn it into a beautiful pair of earrings.  Chic Sheep by Marly Bird a 100% Merino Wool brought to you by Red Heart. Red Heart has been a trusted and favorite yarn brand for over 80 years.

The pattern below is written out longhand for someone who has never used a loom before. Below is also a video tutorial, too. I hope you enjoy the new pattern and the new Marly’s new Chic Sheep yarn.

I cannot wait to try her new yarn in the Red Heart Miter Me the Chic Scarf pattern! The pattern & yarn can also be found at Love Knitting which is an amazing site for tons of yummy yarn goodies. Be sure to check out Love Knitting, too.  I had a blast looking through all the fun patterns there and saving favorites! Love Knitting has the world’s biggest range of everything a knitter needs.


So which color will you try first for your earrings? Check out all the colors! I picked Vineyard; a rich purple.

Chic Sheep yarn display at Creativation

Check out all the colors Chic Sheep comes!

Loom Knit Flower Earrings

Stitches and Techniques Used in this Project:

Slip knot
E-Wrap Cast-On
Flat Knit
Gathered Bind-Off

Easy Loom Knit Flower Earrings supplies shown


Marly Bird’s Chic Sheep yarn from Red Heart  (aff. link)

Loom & Supplies:

12 peg Boye Bloom Loom (3/4″ XLG gauge Flower loom). Knifty Knitter 12 peg loom also works. (Alternatively a 5/8″ 16 peg as well).
Yarn/Tapestry needle (aff. link)
Pair of earring blanks (aff. link)


*This pattern is not written in shorthand as it is made for someone who is new and just learning terms. Be sure to click the video to watch if you prefer.

*Flowers are made in the round.
*Flowers are made separately and attached to earrings
*Working Yarn means the yarn coming from the small ball of yarn in your
*Work the stitch or “knit over” simply means to lift the bottom loop over the top
loop and peg to make the stitch.


Knit these adorable earrings on a small flower loom. Free pattern and video. #goodknitkisses #loomknit #loomknitting #knitjewelry #diyearrings

Flower Directions (Make 2)

To begin you need to put yarn loops onto the loom. This is called casting on. The
abbreviation is CO.
To start, secure the yarn to the anchor peg with a Slipknot.
Place the slipknot on the anchor peg and tighten gently. Do not make it too tight
because later you will release the slipknot after you have knitted a few rounds.

Next you will put a series of loops on the loom to begin knitting. The basic cast
on method for loom knitting is called the E-wrap Cast On.
Move the working yarn to the inside of the loom between the first and last pegs.
Wrap the yarn around the first peg in a clockwise direction.
Repeat for the second peg and all the way around the loom. Make sure you don’t
wrap the yarn too tight because if you do, it will make it difficult to remove the
loops as you work.
This technique is called E-wrap cast on because the wrapped pegs resemble a
series of cursive lower case “e’s”.

NOTE: The pegs being wrapped in a clockwise motion with the loom being
worked in a counter-clockwise direction. In most cases it doesn’t matter which
direction you work or how you hold the loom. Work however it is most
comfortable for you unless a pattern calls for a specific technique.

Push the loops near bottom of the pegs.
Wrap all pegs a second time starting with the first peg and ending with the last
peg. Make sure you wrap in the same direction as you did the first time. You are
now ready to begin knitting.

Beginning with the last peg wrapped, use your loom tool to lift the bottom loop
over the top loop and knit off the loop. (There is a groove in each peg that helps
to guide the hook.)
Continue around the loom by working peg 1, peg 2, etc. When all the pegs are
worked you will again have only one loop on each peg. Each stitch is now “knit over”.

Row 1: Wrap the working yarn around the loom above the pegs and hold the working yarn with the same hand that is holding the loom (or you can
temporarily secure it to the anchor peg); this keeps the yarn in place as you make a tighter knit.  This stitch is called a “flat knit”; It is tighter and less stretchy then the e-wrap.
For this flower pattern wrap only 1 row and knit over, release the beginning
slipknot from the anchor peg.

Flat knit only peg 1 once more.

Gathered Bind Off:
Wrap your working yarn around the loom 1 1/2 times and cut the
working yarn. Using your loom hook to guide the yarn through the loops as below.

Starting with peg 2, insert the hook below the loop and pull the yarn through; grabbing the working yarn from above the loop.
Repeat on the next peg. Repeat and work yarn through the loops on all pegs until all have yarn through them. Insert the hook into the loop on peg 2 again to make sure there is no gap.

Remove the loops from the pegs. Being careful not to twist the knitting into the
circle, pull the yarn tail until the opening is completely closed. Using a yarn needle tie a knot near the center to keep it closed. Weave the tail to the edge of the flower to the beginning tail. Tie tails in a knot.

Add 1 earring blank through one tail and tie tails in a secure knot. Weave tails back into flower center and tie in knot. Trim yarn tails, but not too short.

Make 2.

Ariska Herbst

Thursday 1st of December 2022

hi i follow your channel on youtube i am also a blogger and loom knitter ?