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Feather Stitch and Hat | Loom Knit

Feather Stitch and Hat | Loom Knit

Feather Stitch Pattern for loom knitting and Feather Stitch Hat pattern included after.

(Editors note: I hope you enjoy the Feather Stitch pattern and Feather Stitch Hat.  I can’t test and video all patterns but hope you enjoy seeing new designs and designers.  Please comment or click a heart!  -Kristen Mangus)   

Feather Stitch

Designer: Dedi Herold Boyer

I modified this pattern for the loom from the booklet 96 Stitches Knit Stitch Guide by Rita Weiss.



36 peg round loom (3/4″ C2C gauge)

(Hobby Lobby’s Yarnology 36 peg round knitting loom was used in sample).



At most, 268 yards of #4 Worsted Weight yarn.

Loops & Threads Charisma Yarn color yellow was used in the sample.




Knitting tool


Yarn needle for weaving in ends



Multiples of 6 stitches and 4 rows on 4 x 4 inches swatch.



K = true knit stitch

YO = yarn over

k2tog = knit 2 together

K1 = knit the next peg

P = purl stitch

P2tog = purl 2 together



True knit stitch

Yarn over

k2tog = knit 2 together

P2tog = purl 2 together


Feather Stitch:
P peg 1, P2tog pegs 2 and 3 by moving stitch from 3 to 2, YO peg 3 by simply putting your working yarn over the front of the peg, K peg 4, YO peg 5 after moving stitch from peg 5 to peg 6, P2tog stitches on peg 6, P peg 7, Repeat stitches all the way around the loom, K last peg.

Feather stitch close up

Feather Stitch close up

Feather Stitch Hat

Cast on:

Cast on 36 pegs, the ewrap cast on was used in the sample however, use the cast on of your choice.

Row 1: Follow the Feather Stitch as outlined above.

Row 2: K each peg

Row 3: P each peg

Row 4: K each peg

Repeat Rows 1-4 until desired length is reached.



Modified Gathered or drawstring bind off.

Weave in ends.

Feather stitch Hat



Editor’s notes: We hope you enjoy making the Feather Stitch Hat.  Thank you to Dedi for sharing her pattern.  Please note that Kristen has not tested the pattern. -Edited by Carol Lilydot.





Saturday 6th of April 2019

I’m assuming that this pattern begins after knitting the brim ??


Saturday 6th of April 2019

I’m assuming that this pattern begins after knitting the brim ??