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Loom Knit Corkscrew Patterns

Loom Knit Corkscrew Patterns

Make yourself a Loom Knit Corkscrew and make all kinds of embellishments for your knits!  Have you ever wanted to knit a spiral? A fun loom knit corkscrew of yarn, that holds its twist and has a bounce, is a fun embellishment for a multitude of projects! Help, the ideas are spiraling out of control!

Here are some ways a Loom Knit Corkscrew could be used.

Make several in different colors for a funky hair accessory.  How about a skinny scarf twisted with monochromatic colors for a texture treat or maybe school colors to wear your school pride?! Cat toys with a spiral tail at the end would certainly make a feline jump for joy.  Corkscrew fringe on a scarf or blanket would be nice that doesn’t get tattered!

Knit a simple hat, full of twisted yarn hair would certainly be a fun hat with all kinds of design opportunities; think La La loopsy, Cabbage Patch, Annie, Merida from Brave, Freida from Peanuts, Shirley Temple, any character really. Another embellishment could be the edge of a baby lovey (small security blanket) or doll hair. The ideas are only limited by your imagination….or a friend…or Pinterest! ha-ha

So, Kristen, how to do make one?!

Glad you asked! Actually, there are some rocking loom ladies who have created patterns for these spiral loom knit corkscrews and even a wide corkscrew scarf!  All are cute and the cool part is that they are knit differently. (I love that about knitting!) Brenda Myers, Denise Layman, Scarlett Royal and Renita Harvey are the designers.

Denise wrote her pattern to be made side to side.  The length of the corkscrew is made in the width of your loom (horizontal).  Brenda also made hers from side to side but featuring her unique adjustable cast-on! Scarlett’s pattern is made to be wider for a scarf that you can make whatever width suites you (hers is made vertically). Renita’s pattern is made from the bottom up (vertically knit as well), just stop when you reach the desired length; it’s a modified 2 stitch I-cord!

Below you will find a link to their blogs and also a PDF link where available.  Have fun and be sure to post your work on our GoodKnit Kissses Facebook page to show us.  I’m excited to see what YOU come up with!


 Loom Knit Corkscrew Patterns galore!

Denise Layman (2007)


PDF click Corkscrew on the loom

Brenda Myers (2010)


Scarlett Royal (2014)


Renita Harvey (2014)




Have fun making your loom knit corkscrew and Happy Knitting!


P.S. I haven’t had the time to try yet but I challenge someone to make a panel and use Denise’s as the last rows before the final bind off! Whatcha think?!


Photo Courtesy of Denise Layman for her “Corkscrew Fringe” (also called corkscrews on the loom).  Thank you Denise!