February 4, 2015

Loom Knit Diaper Cover | Infant

Loom Knit Diaper Cover is all the rage, especially when they look like baby’s first jeans!


Well howdy lil’ pardner!


This infant loom knit diaper cover with the loom knit cowboy hat, by Denice Johnson, make the perfect matching gift set for that special little bundle of joy!

loom knit diaper cover


Infant Loom Knit Diaper Cover

Designed by:

Denice Johnson

Knitting Loom:

any large gauge knitting loom with at least 36 pegs

Finished size:

10″ wide 12.5″ long


7 St(s) & 12 rows to 2″


Aprox 118 yards in red heart super saver.

Work with one strand throughout.

To make a matching set use the same accent color from the Infant Cowboy Hat  i-cord to make the diaper cover.


Knitting loom tool, Yarn needle,  4 matching 1/2″ buttons


K= knit flat

P= purl stitch

St(s) = stitch(s)

Pattern notes:

Skill level:


Stitches & special techniques:

Button hole

Piece is work as flat panel, working from the waist to flap.



Cast on 36 pegs


K1, P1 to end, work ribbing for a total of 6 rows

K flat for 12 rows

P 10 st(s), K flat to end for 6 rows

Bind off 9 st, k flat to end of row

Bind off 9 st, k flat to end of row

Decrease 1 st, p 3, k flat to end of row

Repeat decrease row until 10 pegs remain

P4, K 6, Repeat for 18 rows or 3″

P2, make button hole, P1, k flat to end, repeat row

P4, K flat to end of row for 8 rows

P2, make button whole, P1, K flat to end, repeat row

P4, k flat to end for 8 rows

Basic bind off

loom knit diaper cover layout


Weave in ends

Sew buttons in place

Loom Knit Cowboy Hat

Editors notes:

Pattern is not tested yet by GKK.  Conversions to other looms are not tested.  Please leave comments if you have success with other looms and would like to help fellow loomers.  Thanks! -Kristen

  • Loom Knit Diaper cover is currently available in infant size only.
  • Loom Knit Cowboy Hat is currently available in infant size only.  An alternate would need to be made or a stiffener or plastic canvass might have to be made for strength for a child’s hat currently.
  • The baby booties were made by Denice and inspired by “How To Loom Knit Tennis Shoe Booties Circular Loom” on YouTube How To Loom Knit Tennis Shoe Booties Circular Loom:




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  1. Avatar

    Can you tell me is this newborn size? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Carol Blakeley

      Hi Dana, The diaper cover is infant size it measures 10″ wide 12.5″ long. It would depend on the size of the new born. My daughter in law has used it as a photo prop for a 1 month old.

  2. Avatar

    Ok. Thank you! 🙂

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    Love the hat and diaper cover! Is there a pattern for the shoes? Thank you for sharing the patters!

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