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Loom Knit Satin Lined Turban (Protect your Curls!!)

Loom Knit Satin Lined Turban (Protect your Curls!!)

Inside: Free loom knit Satin Lined Turban pattern. Includes written instructions for custom size, diagrams and tutorial videos walking you through the project.

The loom knit Satin Lined Turban protects your curly hair!  You can wear it alone as a hat or sew in a satin bonnet lining to protect your gorgeous curls.  It’s great for sleeping, lounging or even running errands.  This loom knit turban is made using the duplicate zigzag stitch and is easy enough for a beginner.

Pattern includes written instructions, diagrams, and links to fully captioned tutorial videos for both left and right handed loom knitters.

loom knit satin lined turban

Loom Knit Satin Lined Turban

By Kristen Mangus

A downloadable PDF of this pattern is available in my Etsy store or from Ravelry at the links below:


(Materials list may contain affiliate links to products I used to make this project. Using these links costs you nothing, but helps support GKK.) 


Medium (#4) weight yarn
Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek (225g/ 7.9oz, 261 meters/ 285 yd.) in colors Hot Pink & Purple used in samples.

Scrap yarn in contrasting color to use as anchor yarn

7/16” small gauge (SG) loom with at least 14 pairs of pegs.
KB Basics Loom used in sample. 
KB Rotating Double Knit Loom is also a good choice, especially if you want to make a wider turban.

Crochet hook (for bind off)
Lockable stitch marker
Tapestry needle (for seaming and weaving in ends)
Satin/silk bonnet (for lining)
Sewing needle and thread (for tacking bonnet lining)
8-12 straight pins (to pin lining to turban before sewing)
Styrofoam mannequin head (optional – this makes it easier to pin the lining to the turban)

10.25 sts x 16 rows in 4” in duplicate zigzag (brioche)


7” tall x 21.5” circumference (18 x 53.5 cm)

loom knit satin lined turban


Size:  Measure circumference of head and subtract 2” (5 cm).  This is the length you will knit your turban.

Slipping first peg:  In this pattern we slip, or skip, the first peg in every row. Do not wrap this peg but continue following the wrapping pattern as illustrated.

Satin-lining:  I demonstrate sewing in the satin lining in the tutorial video.  However, you can wear this turban without a lining or simply put it on over the satin bonnet without sewing them together.  To sew in the liner I chose to tack it in several places around the edge to allow the turban to stay stretchy.  


[Part 1 Tutorial Video – Twisted Headband]

Cast on 14 pairs of pegs in Duplicate Zigzag (Brioche) stitch pattern (see diagram) using the method below:

  1. Place slip knot on Peg 1 of upper board at one end. 
  2. Guide yarn to lower board and wrap around outside of Peg 1. 
  3. Guide yarn around peg back up to upper board and wrap around outside of Peg 2 on upper board. 
  4. Continue to lower board and repeat wrapping around Peg 2 to complete wrapping 2nd pair of pegs.
  5. Continue wrapping pairs in same direction across both boards until 14 pairs of pegs are wrapped. 
  6. Lay anchor yarn. 
  7. Slipping first peg, wrap pegs in opposite direction on top of previous row to complete cast on. All pegs except slipped peg will have two loops. 
  8. Knit over all pegs with two loops.

Row 1: Slip 1, wrap remaining pegs as before and knit over.

Repeat Row 1 until fabric measures 21.5” or to desired length. (NOTE: Tug on knitting to ease tension before measuring.  If piece is too long, unknit rows until you reach the correct length.)

Bind off:

  1. Using crochet hook, pick up stitch on last peg opposite where the working yarn is.  (Ex: If the working yarn is on the upper board at the left, pick up the stitch on the lower board at the right.)
  2. Pick up stitch from peg on opposite board to complete that pair. You have 2 stitches on your hook.
  3. Pull the stitch closest to the tip of the hook through the other stitch to bind off.
  4. Move back to the opposite board and pick up the next stitch in the sequence and pull that stitch through the one on your hook. 
  5. Repeat Step 4 until you have one stitch left on your hook.
  6. Cut a long yarn tail for sewing and pull through the last stitch.

Finish cast on end:

Now we’re going to create a clean edge at the beginning.  

  1. With your crochet hook, pick up the stitch at the opposite end of the row from the yarn tail.  [Note: Make sure you do not pick up any strands of the anchor yarn.]
  2. Pick up the next stitch.  Now you have 2 stitches on your hook.
  3. Pull the stitch closest to the tip of the hook through the other stitch. 
  4. Repeat Steps 2 & 3 until you have one stitch left.
  5. Using the crochet hook, pick up the yarn tail and pull it through the last stitch.
  6. Gently pull the anchor yarn out of your cast on edge.

Seam Front of Turban:

  1. Fold both the cast on and bind off edges toward the inside.  
  2. Interlock the two open ends together as shown in diagram below to create 4 layers.  

  1. Stitch through end stitch ❶ of first layer, then through stitch at fold ❷,  next though the end stitch of the third layer ❸ and last through the next stitch on the fold ❹. 
  2. Sew back through all layers in the opposite direction picking up the next stitch in each layer.
  3. Continue sewing through all layers until all stitches are sewn. 
  4. Next, whip stitch only the outside leg of the two outermost layers (Layers 1 and 4) all the way across.  This will make the seam lie flat.
  5. Weave in remaining tails.
  6. Turn right side out.
loom knit satin lined turban

[Part 2 Tutorial Video – Sewing and Lining the Turban]

Seam Top of Turban

  1. First, find the center of the back of your turban by folding it in half with the front twist folded on one side and the back of the turban on the opposite side.
  2. Place locking stitch marker through edge stitch at the middle of the back.
  3. Thread your tapestry needle with matching yarn.
  4. NOTE: We will be seaming by picking up the purl bumps between the columns of knit stitches on the outside of your turban.
  5. Starting on a stitch on either side of the stitch marker (center), sew under one purl bump leaving a long yarn tail.
  6. Move on to the other side of the stitch marker and sew through the first purl bump on that side.
  7. Go back to the other side and sew through the next purl bump. 
  8. Continue sewing through the purl bumps alternating sides as you go until you reach where the turban starts to cross in front.
  9. Hold on to the yarn tail at the beginning of your seam and gently tug the turban to allow the seam to stretch and relax before finishing.  This keeps your seam stretchy and flexible while wearing your turban.
  10. Using your tapestry needle, sew through both turban layers where they cross pushing the needle through to the inside.
  11. On the inside of the turban, whip stitch through both layers where they cross several times to secure.
  12. Weave in yarn tail.

Sew in Bonnet Liner:

I demonstrate this in the video using a styrofoam mannequin head to hold both the lining and turban in place.  If you don’t have one, lay your turban on the table and place the bonnet inside to pin it.

  1. Place the satin bonnet liner inside the turban.  (You can adjust the lining to hide the band inside your turban, like I did, or seam it with some of the band showing below your knitting.)
  2. Using straight pins, first pin the front and back of the turban to the lining along the edge.
  3. Then pin the middle of each side.
  4. Lastly, place a couple pins between each pair of pins evenly around your turban.  This holds the bonnet in place while you are sewing.
  5. Thread a sewing needle with matching thread and knot the end of the thread.
  6. Starting at one of your pins, sew through the bonnet band then through the edge stitch of your turban. Sew through the edge of the band and this same stitch 3-4 times to tack it in place.  Sew through your stitches on the inside of the band to secure it and cut the thread.
  7. Repeat Step 6 at each pin placement and once or twice in between each pin.  (I tacked my bonnet in about 24 spots.)


Loom Knit Satin Lined Turban Video Tutorials

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The following videos cover all the steps you need to make this project.  The first video for the Twisted Headband demonstrates how to loom knit the turban and shows everything from cast on to sewing the twisted front. The second video shows seaming the top of the turban and sewing in the satin bonnet liner.

(NOTE: The Part 1 video shows casting on 9 pairs of pegs, but for the turban you need to cast on 14 peg pairs.) 

Right handed

Part 1: Twisted Headband

Part 2: Sewing the Turban and Lining

Left handed

Part 1: Twisted Headband

Part 2: Sewing the Turban and Lining