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More on Design Opinion & Education

More on Design Opinion & Education

After some well thought out constructive criticism of my first blog I’ve decided to take out some commentary I mentioned and place it here.  I was more light hearted and got a bit serious when it came to my passion for education.  I meant it to show more as a passion, which it is, more educating ourselves on design, products and how we utilize design and less of a judgement as it may have appeared.  However it was very serious and for the most part I want my blog to be a place for easy creative juices to flow and not to put anyone off.

So here is the snippet that I’m deleting from the other post.  I’ll post this as an earlier time so it will be at the bottom.  Take it for what is worth to you and ignore the rest!  HA!

Being a practical designer I’m very “real” with my clients and I find educating people in a way they can understand is key in our information overload age. There is so much “out there” on the internet on home improvement and design.  Misinformation about how products can be installed and used.  Simple overstatements are common when you buy products from a big box store where the person worked in Lawn and Garden last week. “Decorators” on TV or elsewhere who call themselves Designers, who have not gone to design school, are well intentioned and great with color and style can do a disservice when making statements about the performance of a product or not addressing it at all. I really want people to make an informed decision on things so they are not only happy about their decision that they felt they made but also it will have longevity that they enjoy. 

Enough about all of that seriousness!  That was really to tell you my foundation of integrity and quality of work.